Supplier Onboarding and Resource Guide

The WERCSmart program serves as a single source, secure, permission-based data compliance, data collection, and data distribution platform where manufacturers, distributors, and formulators safely disclose information about their products.

The product registration data enables WERCSmart to derive over 650 compliance and sustainability data points based on state, provincial, and federal regulations as well as retailers' product stewardship protocols. The data results are delivered to our retail partners so they can manage and track how to appropriately handle, store, transport, and dispose of the products they use and sell.

As a supplier, this onboarding and resource guide is designed to highlight your program participation responsibilities in addition to providing a directory of resources intended to help facilitate answers to any questions throughout your WERCSmart experience.

Welcome to WERCSmart – eBook Download PDF

We encourage you to read through this guide prior to setting up your account and registering products.

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