For most registrations in WERCSmart, payment is required in order for the assessment to be performed on the data you're submitting.  WERCSmart utilizes a subscription payment method.

How can payment be made?  There are currently several payment options, which are:

  • PayPal
  • Automated Clearing House (commonly referred to as ACH)
  • Wire Transfer
  • Credit Card

You should select the default payment option that works best for your company.  There are some things you'll need to be aware of:

  • Wire Transfer may delay your ability to submit registration data.  We need to be sure our accounting department has the funds from the wire transfer before your account will be able to be used for submission of items through your shopping cart.  Depending on your company's location, Wire Transfers can take 1 business day (domestic / U.S.) to 5 business days (international) to have the funds received by our accounting team.
  • When you select Wire Transfer, the invoice generated will include the bank information needed to finalize the wire transfer.
    • If you have selected Wire Transfer, and get an error indicating you cannot continue - error saving cart - account is locked, this is the delay!

  • Credit Cards are not always provided by organizations to their employees for use.  So if your company doesn't issue credit cards for payment of business transactions, you may need to select a different option.
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic method of payment using your organization's routing and account information.  ACH transactions may take up to one (1) business day to process and are typically used domestically in the United States.
  • PayPal is a 3rd-Party service to provide secure payments.  Please note that you can send up to $60,000, but may be limited to $10,000 in a single transaction.  (This amount can vary though, depending on your currency).  If you experience issues with PayPal payments, you will need to reach out to PayPal directly.

WERCSmart requires you select one (1) default payment method, but you can update this at any time through the My Account, Manage Subscription options.

Can I have multiple payment methods set up in my WERCSmart account?  Yes, but you must select a default payment method to be used for your subscription payment.