WERCSmart continues to provide improvements to data collection and delivery for our supplier and retail customers. Here's what is in store on December 1, 2022.

Fertilizer Registrations + Grass Seed: NPK + Slow-Release Agent

For fertilizer product registrations, there are growing areas in the U.S. that restrict the sale of these products during certain times of the year, due to protection of watershed areas. The first region in the U.S. to have restrictions for sale of items that contain Nitrogen, but do not have a slow-release agent present at a certain ratio to the Nitrogen value, is Pinellas County, Florida.

There are other regions in the U.S. looking to implement similar sale restrictions in the near future which include other areas of Florida, Maine, etc.

For the following product types, a new data entry area is available to indicate the percentage of slow-release agent, when the product has a value for Nitrogen.

  • Fertilizer
  • Plant Food
  • Soil Conditioner
  • Soil
  • Grass Seed

The new data entry requirement for these product types is a value for any Slow-Release Agent that is present in the product. A value of zero (0) is acceptable, but the field must have a value.

Auto-Recertification Enabled:

For existing registrations that have N, P, K values and are of the product types listed above, when forwarding the registration to a new retailer, or editing UPCs on the registration, Auto-Recertification will be enabled if the Slow-Release value is not currently present.

WERCSmart's automation will determine a percentage of the Slow-Release Agent as compared to the Nitrogen value, to determine if sale of the product in specific areas of the U.S. is valid throughout the year, or only at specific times of the year, to protect the watershed areas of the region.

Report Available:

In the report area of your account, we have included a new report, Fertilizer Registrations N P K. The report provides, per GTIN/UPC, the N, P, K and Slow-Release values present on the registration. Only applicable registrations will be included in the report output.

This report will be helpful to prevent auto-recertification when you intend to take action on the product. You're encouraged to generate the report and provide updated values at your earliest convenience. You will need to resubmit the item via your shopping cart to complete the update. Proactive measures will reduce, or eliminate, the impact of auto-recertification on these registrations due to missing slow-release data.

Upcoming improvements

Battery-Containing Products

Registrations that include a lithium battery will be provided with an updated battery-selection table that will include information on watt hours and grams lithium for the battery that is chosen. This will ensure the battery included with the registration is the most accurate and improve data classification by UL Solutions.

Retail Completion Notifications via Email

In the Account User/Admin table, fixes will be made so that deactivated users/admins no longer receive retailer completion notifications.