WERCSmart registrations that are within scope of the California Safe Cosmetics Product Program (CSCP) will receive a classification indicating whether the formulation is "sufficient" or "insufficient" for screening for reportable ingredients (specified in SB 484 and SB 312) and whether the screening found or did not find reportable ingredients. The classification will be provided to Retail recipients of WERCSmart data to inform them whether the product's registration supports compliance with the California regulation. The report suppliers receive includes the classification and provides a list of the reportable ingredients that the supplier is responsible for submitting to the CSCP database in order to be compliant with the California law.

When providing ingredient data in the WERCSmart registration for a cosmetic product, the California program effectively requires suppliers to avoid including generic ingredients like "fragrance" or "flavor" in their formulations. Cosmetic product formulations containing generic ingredient names are insufficient to support the screening required by the CSCP. The best practice for addressing the program's requirements is to work closely with you ingredient providers and request the fragrance or flavor manufacturer register their ingredient as a "3rd-Party Formula" in WERCSmart.

NOTE that while WERCSmart provides a supplier with the information they need to make the statutorily required submission to the CDPH database, WERCSmart is not making those submissions for suppliers, or verifying whether a supplier has submitted a required disclosure. Full compliance with the CA law requires further action by suppliers.

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