• Canada regulations

  • Battery and battery-containing products, sold within Canada, will be required to provide product labels at the UPC-level, if sold to a consumer.

 Air transport and lithium batteries or products that contain/ship with lithium batteries

  • Regulatory changes, effective January 1, 2022, will impact the registration of lithium batteries, as well as product that contain lithium batteries, when shipping via International Air Transport Association (IATA). Section II shipping exemptions will no longer be applicable for IATA.

• California right-to-know for cosmetics and fragrances

  • Regulatory changes, effective January 1, 2022, will require full disclosure of any ingredients that are considered flavors and/or fragrances in cosmetic products sold within the state of California. 

  • It is recommended that 3rd-party ingredients, which have full disclosure imbedded, be utilized to assist with the supplier and retailer compliance for this regulation.

  • Classifications of sufficient or insufficient will be applied to registrations and will be available to suppliers to assist in their compliance efforts within California.

• New retailers

  • C&S Wholesale

  • Meta

  •  Leslie’s Poolmart,Inc.

The WERCSmart program provides a secure, permission-based platform that facilitates the safe exchange of product information between manufacturers and retailers with the highest standards of confidentiality and service.