CA 258, the “Cleaning Products Right to Know Act of 2017”, requires cleaning product manufacturers to disclose the ingredients of their products to consumers.

Manufacturers of cleaning products that are sold or distributed in California have the option to provide the additional CA 258-specific information as part of your WERCSmart product registration. 

Note to Target Private Label Manufacturers:

Participation in the WERCSmart CA 258 workflow and JSON file delivery is a requirement for Target Private Label Cleaning Product Manufacturers, including Kit registrations that may contain cleaning products.

Registering Private Label Kits containing Cleaning Products for Target

Target requires that all Private Label Kits that contain a cleaning product regulated by the California Cleaning Right-to-Know (SB 258) regulation, comply with the requirements in California.

If you have a Private Label Kit that contains a cleaning product, even if the cleaning product itself is not a Target Private Label registration, yet the Kit is provided to Target, the products within the kit within scope of the regulation must participate in the data entry registration related to California Cleaning.

Revising the Child Product in a Kit

Many "child" product registrations in WERCSmart are not associated to specific retailers at the time of registration. The Kit is where the association of a retailer, as well as UPCs, occur.

The WERCSmart registration process will review the items included in a Kit registration (the "children") and determine if the following criteria apply:

  • Kit registration is Private Label; and

  • Kit registration contains one or more "child" registrations that are within the Cleaning Product category applicable under the regulation; and
  • The Kit registration is associated to the retailer, Target.

Once Target is associated to a Private Label Kit registration and the criteria above are met, the WERCSmart registrations for the child products must be updated to include California Cleaning data. Registrants will need to UPDATE the existing registration that is a cleaning product and ensure the selection of "Yes" is made on the Product Type > Product Information area for Cleaning Product registrations.

Additional data, specific to California Cleaning Right-to-Know regulations, will be collected on the ingredient entry area, as well as information needed for the California regulation.



Additional data for ingredient type and functional purpose of the ingredient are necessary.

Once the child product is submitted, and the WERCSmart assessment process is complete, you may then proceed with the registration of the Target Private Label Kit.

Cost for CA 258 per Child Registration

Registrations that are directed through the California Cleaning Right-to-Know (SB 258) data collection will be required to pay an additional fee of $495 per registration. You will receive, for the registration, a JSON file that can be incorporated on your organization's consumer-facing site, to ensure compliance with California's regulation.

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