From front line associates to managers and senior administrators, retail recipients of WERCSmart derived product data obtain results in a variety of ways that range from mobile applications to analytical dashboards.

The WERCSmart data results from each product registration assists with the following common retail business challenges:

Proper shipment

  • Classification for ground, air, and water

  • Generate data for Bill of Lading/box label

Restricted products

  • Known item or ingredient restrictions alert by geography-specific regulations

Distribution center slotting guidance

  • Fire code classification and separation

  • Food items stored away from chemicals

Waste management

  • Minimize state/provincial and federal waste costs

  • Tie into claims process/reverse logistics

  • Scanning shelf label to indicate proper storage container

  • Monitor waste trends for packaging or reformulation considerations

Regulatory compliance

  • Compliant GHS safety data sheets

  • Minimize risk

Sustainable products selection for buyers

  • Examine the chemicals in products from various lists including PBTs, CMRs, etc.

Does a retailer see your full product formulation?

No, it’s protected. As a trusted third-party, UL encrypts its client’s Confidential Business Information (CBI). Retailers, or any other recipient of regulatory and sustainability data from UL, see only the derived results and not your product’s full formulation.

Beyond regulatory compliance

As more retailers continue to develop their own chemical and product stewardship policies, your permission to share data results extend beyond the parameters of regulatory compliance.


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