Product registration smart survey

WERCSmart's product registration process is presented to you as a smart survey, engineered to derive as many compliance and sustainability datapoints achievable, with the highest standard of accuracy in the fewest number of questions as possible.

What constitutes a product registration?

If your product, including all its’ variations, shares a common chemical formula, the product is to be included as one registration. This type of scenario is most common in paints and coating registrations where a single product comes in many colors.

In this case, all associated UPCs representing each color is assigned to the main product registration. WERCSmart allows up to 500 UPCs assigned to a product registration that share a common chemical formula.

Conversely, it is common for a fragrant product to require multiple registrations because each product variant possesses different chemical compositions.

If you have any questions regarding the best configuration for your products to be registered, please 

contact Customer Support via ticket, phone call or chats.

Product management

Required actions to efficiently manage products are easily visible within your WERCSmart application in addition to the following methods:  

Notifications and announcements

When upcoming regulation or retailer chemical policy changes occur that impact your product status, WERCSmart will notify you on the purpose of the change, the required actions needed and the date it must be resolved.

Suspensions and updates

In most cases, if actions are not achieved within the allotted timeframe, your registration will be suspended until required updates have been made.

Outside WERCSmart

Since WERCSmart accurately derives compliance and sustainability datapoints, many suppliers request to opt for additional UL products and services designed to integrate and work with their own hazcom and chemical data management systems. Learn more about other UL products and services by visiting


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