You have been contacted by your Retail Partner to participate in the WERCSmart Program, now what?

Setting up an account is simple. 

Go to and click Sign Up.  

There are three roles within an account:

Administrator – The Primary Administrator creates the account and receives invoices. We recommend at least one additional Administrator be added on the account. Admins are authorized to add/remove team members and manage payments and product submissions. 

User – Assigned by the Administrator, Users function in a support role within the account.

Billing Contact – The Billing Contact is the individual who receives invoices and is responsible for keeping your subscription in good standing. They may not necessarily be an individual working in the account.

Account Management

Account information is managed within the application. Regulatory updates and announcements are sent by email so please be sure to keep all contact information up to date.

As demand increases for Retailers to better understand the regulatory impact of the products they sell, WERCSmart provides suppliers a single destination source to provide the critical data necessary for compliance. When protocols change, your product data is able to be updated and managed within your WERCSmart application.

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