Due to transport regulations that impact items shipped to a consumer by the case, you may use the "Add Case UPC" to the UPC view in WERCSmart.  Case UPCs are not part of the Bulk UPC upload functionality and are done individually within the registration.  The Summary View includes the Case Pack UPC details.

When forwarding the registration to a new retailer, you can also add Case Pack UPCs at that time.  The UPC entry area will have an additional option where you may associate an existing single-UPC to the case.

Case UPC data includes the quantity of units within the case, optional association of the individual UPC within the case, as well as required transportation options specific to the case.

If you're unsure which transportation option to select for the Case, please contact your shipping department for assistance, or review your Safety Data Sheet, Section 14, as this may have bulk shipping information included.