Division accounts in WERCSmart

Some organizations may want multiple companies or brands under a parent/master account in WERCSmart.

What is a division account: 

A division account is WERCSmart account created by a company or organization that is managed by a parent or master account.


How a division account is created: 

A division account can be an account that is a different brand or organization that is connected to the parent company.

  • A division account can also be a different entity that needs to be connected to a master account that pays for all subscriptions.

  • In order to have an existing WERCSmart account marked as a division of a master account, the division account must already be created in WERCSmart.

  • A personal email may need to be used if there is only one business email domain, as only one email can be used for one account in WERCSmart.


To request that your company account be structured as a division account for a primary master account, please complete the following:

  • A signed copy of the completed Division Request Form on your company letterhead - located at the bottom of this article.

  • A Complete list of WPS IDs to be transferred from the primary to the division (if applicable) in a spreadsheet.

  • Submit this information to the Customer Support team by submitting a ticket with this information attached. In your ticket, be sure to state that you are requesting that your account be structured as division of a primary company. 

Special Note: 

All documents must be provided to the UL WERCSmart Support Team for processing via ticket. Requests are subject to Verification by UL WERCSmart.

Due to the complexity of transferring data from one account to another, processing these requests does take some time. We would recommend allowing 4-6 weeks for the data transfer to be fully resolved.