Believe it or not, it is already time to start registering your Holiday Product Kits or Groups to make certain your products are ready for retailers! Note: In WERCSmart®, the definition of a kit is when multiple products share the same UPC or GTIN. 

The first step in creating a kit registration is to ensure the various products within the kit are already registered in WERCSmart as an individual products. Take time now, to review ALL of your product registrations to make sure the stand-alone products are registered and current.

Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking what may be different about your holiday lineup than what you typically ship to retailers. 

•    Do you have any gift packages containing body care products for this holiday season? 

•    Are there any new individual items that are NOT already registered in WERCSmart? If so, who is responsible for getting that product registered immediately.

•    Are batteries being added to any special holiday packages or sets?

•    Has your battery supplier already registered the batteries that are sold in the package or kit?

Since your regulatory documents are provided with the individual product registrations, you won’t need to upload documents on your final kit submission. However, be sure your individual products have current, and GHS compliant, Safety Data Sheets associated. If you are unsure, it is very important to research and confirm the status now.

If you do have questions, please contact the WERCSmart support team.