From hairspray to homeopathic medicine, WERCSmart collects, manages, derives and reports data on more than one thousand types of products.

WERCSmart derives data results for the following retail aisles of manufactured products:

  • Household cleaning

  • Personal care/cosmetic/health and 

  • beauty aids

  • Battery and battery-containing products

  • Pharmaceutical and OTC

  • Dietary supplement

  • Automotive

  • Lawn garden/pesticide

  • Electrical/electronics

  • Regulated articles

Below are the three product categories that help determine your product registration pathway as well the cost associated to manage your data as part of your subscription:

Formulated products

During the WERCSmart registration process, information about ingredients, e.g., water, ethanol, phosphoric acid, etc., are collected. Formulated Products can be identified when it is necessary to include ingredient formulations in order to validate potential safety hazards. Formulated products are the most common product category.


An article is a manufactured item other than a fluid or particle which under normal conditions does not pose a physical health or health risk to employees.

Common examples include:

  • Light bulbs – Products that do not contain any hazardous component or ingredient. (ex. – a non-mercury lightbulb)

  • Electronics – Circuit-board products without a battery.

  • Copper wire only – Products that likely contain an electrical plug, does not sell with a battery and does not have a circuit board.

  • Kits and gift packs – Two or more unrelated products (Formulated, Article or Enhanced Article) combined in a package that uses a single UPC.

Enhanced articles

Enhanced articles include beverage products or products that include a lithium (ion or metal) battery when sold to the consumer.


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