UL's WERCSmart retail supply chain program represents a safety commitment to your customers, workers, families, and our environment.

WERCSmart provides a secure, permission-based platform that facilitates the safe exchange of upstream and downstream product information between manufacturers and retailers.

Whether you are new to WERCSmart or would simply like a refresher on the basics, here is all the information you'll need to get and stay prepared.

Below are highlights of your participation requirements as well as how results are derived for your retail partners.


WERCSmart participation includes an annual subscription to process and manage product data. Suppliers are required to select a subscription option.

Product Registration

During product registration, suppliers are presented with a series of questions about their product and its contents. Questions vary and are determined based on the product's intended use, regulatory requirements, as well as your retailer's product stewardship protocols.

Registration Assessment

The data collected from a supplier's product registration is processed through various stages of assessment quality control.

The initial stage of AI automation derives over 600 compliance and sustainability data points, then is further analyzed in additional stages by our assessment team for accuracy and final approval.


Suppliers can access reports within their WERCSmart account. Retailers receive and manage results in a variety of ways based on the supplier's product ID or UPC.

Here is a short video to learn more about WERCSmart

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