To manage the users of your organization's WERCSmart account, the Administrator of the account would access the User area by going to My Account.

On the main view within My Account, is a table of users registered, or previously registered, to use your account.  Role assignments per user are either Administrator or User.

You can filter the view to be active, or inactive, users of WERCSmart.  Clicking on either of the options determine the filter setting.  Or you can search for specific users by name or email to see if they're on your account.

To Add a user to your WERCSmart account, use the Add New User option.  Once the user is established, the user will get a personalized email to verify their addition to the platform.

Other actions are available for each user listed in the table under the Action heading.

Deactivate users on your WERCSmart account when their responsibilities no longer encompass WERCSmart registrations, or if they've left your organization.  For security of your product data, including ingredients, you are encouraged to manage your users appropriately and not share user names and passwords.  WERCSmart currently has no limitation to the number of Users you have on your WERCSmart account.