In this article we are going to review the most common issues we see that can be avoided to help ensure a timely product registration in UL’s WERCSmart®. 

Nearly half of all product registration delays are due to a difference between the data entered by a manufacturer in WERCSmart and the document(s) submitted. Often the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is submitted for the product information and the information submitted into WERCSmart needs to match the information entered into the system by the product owners. 

Here are three very important areas to watch. 


OSHA does not specify what must be included in Section 14 of the SDS, if your product is regulated for transportation, it is important to review this section carefully. Section 14 contains the transportation data you need for a successful registration. Be sure to enter all modes of transport that are listed on your SDS during the registration process.

Even if your product registration uses Limited Quantity (LQ) for shipping, or can take other exceptions or exemptions, there is what is known as the “base classification” for transport. The base classification details will still be required in WERCSmart, even with Limited Quantity. Be sure to enter the following details, appropriate to your specific registration, for the U.S. Department of Transport (DOT), International Air Transport Association (IATA), International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) and Canadian Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG).

•    The U.N. Shipping Number

•    Proper Shipping Name (PSN) and Technical Name if applicable

•    Hazard Class

•    Packing Group if applicable

This information will be used by various retailers to ensure they’re receiving and shipping your product appropriately to their distribution centers, stores and consumers. The label on your packaging may be compared to the data you have provided via WERCSmart to be sure alignment. WERCSmart is the first line of validation for shipping your product.


The UL review team will ensure the ingredient information you’ve entered into WERCSmart matches the information on the product label or SDS. The percentages of each ingredient are checked against the SDS, in Section 3, to ensure accuracy. 

Many regulations around the globe require the ingredients and their concentrations in a product. This is important to the product lifecycle as it impacts sustainability, storage, transport and, ultimately waste classification for disposal or recycling.

When providing your product ingredients and percentages make sure they are in alignment with your SDS. If something has changed a SDS revision will be necessary.  By taking a moment to verify the document, data, and your entries, you can minimize delays.

Product Information

The most basic product information can have an impact on the regulatory requirements for your product. The product name is typically found in Section 1 of your SDS. Be sure, when creating your product, that the information is accurate as it relates to your SDS. Often if there is not a UPC or GTIN available, a search of the database will be done by using the product name from the SDS. It’s important that it match or be very close.

The product name should clearly identify the product. For example, if you have an air conditioning unit that you’re registering because it also has a battery-operated remote control, most consumers and retailers will not know the unit as 837237AC. They may know it as Window Air Conditioner, 5,000 BTU. 

The type of product you’re registering is also important. On your product’s SDS this is often found in Section 1 and is typically under the heading of “Recommended Use”. This section highlights what the product used for? Is it a disinfectant, eye liner, or paint? If it is a paint, is it for interior or exterior home use, model cars, or toenails?

The more specific you are with your selection of the Product Type and with your Product Name, the fewer issues you will experience. If you can’t find a product type from the options in WERCSmart,  please contact the WERCSmart Support Team for help!

During the product registration process, if you focus on these three critical areas and confirm the data on the SDS matches the registration data, the assessment should be processed in the most timely process . 

If you need help, please contact the WERCSmart support team using the convenient options of chat, phone, email or submitting a ticket request.