Below are 2021 highlights of WERCSmart:

•    Account-specific identifiers for product, formula, SKU

  • Product, formula/ingredient identifiers, like the existing brand name identifier, have been added to WERCSmart to assist registrants with managing their product data. Identifiers used by registrants within their own organizations are different from the WERCSmart ID.  

•    California cleaning compliance for kits

Target private label registrations that are within scope for the California Cleaning Right-to-Know regulations (SB 258) must provide more information about the product and ingredients for compliance with the regulation. 

This requirement is now being expanded to include kits that are: 

1. Directed to Target as one of the retailers; and 

2. The kit is shown to be a private label registration; and 

3. The products within the kit registration (child products) are a product type within scope for the California regulation. 

•    Data tier consent programs

  • Staples

The retailer is asking, for national and private label brands, tiers 2.1, 2.2 and 4.1 consent. 

Product categories are: 

    • Articles 

  • Registrations that do not collect ingredient-specific data. 

   • Enhanced articles 

  • Formulated registrations that are lithium batteries or beverages. 

• Formulated 

  • Cleaning supplies  

  • Home improvement 

  • Over the counter 

  • Stationery 

o    Meijer

The retailer is asking, for national and private label brands, tiers 2.1, 2.2, 3 and 4.1 consent. 

Product categories are: 

•    Formulated 

  • Cleaning supplies 

  • Health & beauty 

  • Subscription for China Agency Customers

• Pesticide registration Updates (FIFRA and Others)

As the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enforces pesticide products available to the consumer, UL has implemented further validation within all formulated registrations to ensure proper classification of a product as possibly being a pesticide registration type. 

After providing ingredients in a registration, UL will validate the entries to look for ingredients that may be within pesticide products. If an ingredient is present, a warning will display advising of the ingredient’s presence in the product and request validation that the product is not covered under EPA Pesticide regulations. Or, you are provided an opportunity to adjust the Product Type to provide detailed EPA and State registration data for the product. 

The options for pesticide types within a registration have been revised to more accurately reflect the EPA's regulation describing the types of pesticides.  

• Suspension registration reminder notifications

For various reasons, suspensions occur on submitted registration data. With everyone’s hectic workday, the intention to address a recent suspension sometimes may be lost in the shuffle. We’re adding a feature in WERCSmart that will periodically send email reminders to you so that you don’t lose sight of the data updates. 

For registration suspensions that remain unresolved beyond 120 consecutive days, the registration will be cancelled. 

Email notifications will be sent to you at 60, 90, and 120 Days, based on the suspension date for the registration. Upon 60 days, you will have a new option available in My Products that will provide you an opportunity to “reset the clock” on the suspension if you’re waiting for others to provide you specific information. As a reminder, this option will only display once the registration has been in suspension for 60+ days but less than 121 days. 

• UPC Request Notifications (Meijer, AutoZone)

Retailers periodically utilize UL’s Item Sync functionality to retrieve UPC assessment data for items in their locations. This minimizes the impact on the manufacturer or distributor of the product as there is no need to go into WERCSmart and forward a UPC /registration to the retailer. 

Item Sync will search the UPC database for matches. If no complete matches are located, Item Sync then looks for the UPC prefix and tries to locate the owner of the UPC within the database. Should the owner be located, by searching the UPC prefix, an email will be provided to the WERCSmart administrator advising of a UPC request from Meijer. The registrant may then go into WERCSmart and either: 

1.    Create a new registration for the UPC being requested and associate the registration to retailer; or 

2.    Edit UPCs on an existing registration to add the requested UPC for the retailer.