To Our Valued Suppliers:


At Harris Teeter, we are strongly committed to ensuring the safety of products we sell as well as

being responsible corporate citizens. As part of our commitment, we continuously look for ways to

ensure we operate in a responsible manner and provide a safe environment for our employees, our

customers, and the communities we serve.


Harris Teeter is now utilizing UL WERCSmart to aggregate specific regulatory information for all

chemical-containing items, over-the-counter health products, pesticides, aerosols, batteries, and

other potentially hazardous products that you may sell to us.


Your role as a supplier to Harris Teeter is to register your product and formulations with UL

WERCSmart. UL WERCSmart will then perform an assessment of each product to support Harris

Teeter’s regulatory compliance goals.


All proprietary information provided to UL WERCSmart is kept strictly confidential. UL is

committed to the highest levels of security and will not share any proprietary or formulation

information with Harris Teeter or its affiliates.


UL assesses an annual subscription fee for WERCSmart registration. All existing and new product

registrations are fully paid under the annual fee. This includes all existing, new, and future

participating retailers that implement UL WERCSmart in the future.


Pricing information can be downloaded from


Action Required


Please complete the registration process for new products Harris Teeter may purchase

and for resubmissions of existing products falling under UL WERCSmart registration

requirements by November 30, 2021.


For any qualifying product that Harris Teeter has agreed to purchase (qualifying products

are further explained below):


  • Navigate to the UL WERCSmart website at
  • Click Sign Up to create a new account or Log In if you already have an account (upper

right corner)

  • Note: UL permits only one UL WERCSmart account per company. If you set up a new

account and received a message that your company already has an account, you must

find out who in your company owns your account. Obtain support from UL directly here: Harris Teeter does not have access

to information about UL WERCSmart accounts.




Next Steps


All products subject to WERCSmart registration must be registered and directed to Harris

Teeter. Beginning January 1, 2022, hazardous products will be rejected for setup until

they are registered with UL WERCSmart.


Typical products requiring WERCSmart registration are listed on the following page. This

list is not all-inclusive. If you have questions about whether your product requires

registration, please email our internal WERCSmart team at


Already registered in UL WERCSmart?


If your products are already registered with UL WERCSmart, please confirm you have

instructed UL to share your product data with Harris Teeter/Kroger. We have found that

many suppliers have registered their products to share data with other retailers but have

not directed UL WERCSmart to provide data to Harris Teeter/Kroger (please note that

Harris Teeter is included in Kroger’s designation as KRG in UL’s system). Under its supplier

NDAs, UL will not forward data to us unless you give them permission to do so.


For answers to specific questions regarding Harris Teeter’s WERCSmart program, contact


For questions about the UL WERCSmart platform, contact UL’s WERCSmart team


We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and partnership. It will help us both manage

the regulatory compliance responsibilities that we have and alleviate the shared and

costly exposures of noncompliance. It will benefit the communities in which we live and