When you register your products in WERCSmart®, your data is secure, and retailers do not see your full product formulation. UL encrypts your product details -- Confidential Business Information (CBI) – to keep it protected. Retailers will only receive the derived results after the data has been processed against more than 6,500 regulatory rules and against very specific restricted substance lists (including lists from North America retailers). These results allow retailers to: 

  • Comply with proper shipping requirements 

  • Understand what products are restricted 

  • Direct distribution centers on product management 

  • Efficiently manage waste disposal  

  • Comply with regulatory requirements 

  • Develop sustainable product options for consumers

Global supply chains leverage WERCSmart to meet regulatory requirements and minimize risks for their organizations and brands. WERCSmart provides manufacturers the ability to securely deliver the critical data necessary to manage the correct handling, transportation, storage and disposal of products for major retailers with a single product registration. UL’s WERCSmart program is the trusted industry for supply chain data exchange.