Periodically, your R&D team may utilize mixtures obtained from external sources. In WERCSmart, these are registered as 3rd-Party ingredients. The formulator will provide the details for their mixture within a registration, which you may then include as a single ingredient within your product registration.

If you’re using 3rd-Party ingredients in a registration, you may be asking yourself how will you know if anything in the 3rd-Party ingredient will affect your final registration when it comes complying with a retailer’s restricted chemicals list?

Likewise, formulators may want to know if their ingredients will impact their customers (the product manufacturer) downstream in the supply chain.

This article reviews:

1. 3rd - Party ingredients

2. Registering a formula, blend or mixture in WERCSmart

3. Warning sign in WERCSmart

When registering a formula, blend or mixture in WERCSmart, formulators will encounter an area within the registration that provides useful information about their blend.  Retailers that have restricted chemical policies will be displayed and there are visual indications of whether the mixture is within the program guidelines.

In the example above, all ingredients in this mixture meet the requirements of each program.

In this example, there is an ingredient present in the mixture that is within a retailer’s restricted chemical program. The formulator can review this information immediately, and know what ingredient(s) may be an issue for their customer.

By hovering on the warning icon, a message appears to the formulator advising of the issue and will also provide details on the CAS and Chemical Name for the ingredient present that is not within scope for the retail program.

Does this warning prevent the formulator from submitting to UL? I really need this ingredient!

No. It’s an informational item. Keep in mind, there are millions of mixtures and blends used in millions of products. If the finished product isn’t even in scope for the retailer’s program, the presence of an ingredient may not be relevant. That’s why WERCSmart includes information regarding the scope of each retail program. 

The formulator can determine if further communication is needed with you, their customer, to advise of any warnings you may encounter during the registration of your finished product.

Providing supply-chain transparency to all customers of WERCSmart is important especially when it comes to your organization’s ability to comply with your retailer’s programs. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the support team, who are always available and happy to assist! 

The WERCSmart program provides a secure, permission-based platform that facilitates the safe exchange of product information between manufacturers and retailers with the highest standards of confidentiality and service.