For many companies, managing and contributing to product registration is a collaborative effort that may span several personnel departments ranging from Product Safety, EHS, R&D, and Logistics. The most common method for finding and managing your registered products is to first search for its WERCSmart® Product ID or its Product Name – and for some contributors, registration lookups can be better served with more specific identifiers that are further in line to their company role, and not limited to just a Product ID or Product Name.

WERCSmart enables you to add company-specific fields as unique identifiers within the registration, making it easier to find and manage product registration data for everyone on your collaboration team. 

This article reviews:

1.    Defining a unique identifier and why it is important

2.    Types of unique identifiers

3.    Setting up a unique identifier

4.    How to add unique identifiers to multiple registrations

5.    Common questions asked when adding unique identifiers to registrations

What is a unique identifier?

A unique identifier is a custom and company-specific field that can be created to help your collaborative team find and manage registered products. Creating unique identifiers are particularly useful for companies that have many products and prefer to have multiple contributors during the registration process. After being implemented, the unique identifier becomes a searchable item. In the cases when a unique brand name is added, the identifier appears as part of a drop-down selection item as a searchable field.  

Unique identifier types

The following are the types of unique identifiers that can be created:

Brand Name

Your organization may have various brands manufactured or sold under a corporate umbrella. 

Brand Name Management is managed within the areas of My Account, My Library, and My Brands. In any of these areas you may add new brands as they are developed by your organization. Doing so will add and provide the new identifier as part of a drop-down item within the registration process, and names the brand what the product is sold under.

Product ID 

Do you have a specific alpha-numeric identifier unique to your product that is only used within your company? If so, you may provide this identifier within a product registration so that you can easily find the registration data for future updates, including when adding retailers or UPCs to your registration. For some companies, adding a unique Product ID provides a more intuitive method for locating registrations than a UL-provided WERCSmart Product ID. 

Ingredient Identifier

Since regulations are consistently changing, it is common for your formulation to evolve over time. Many times, your chemists or R&D group may assign an internal formulation ID to track its product evolution. 

If you receive an update from your R&D group due to an adjustment in a product’s formula, you can search for the existing formula identifier, choose to update the registration, revise the ingredients and supply the new internal identifier within the registration, then send. Doing so will keep the data received from your retail partners (transportation, storage, waste, etc.) always current and up-to-date.


Internal SKUs may be provided by you at the UPC entry area within a registration. UL’s UPC Bulk Upload feature also allows for inclusion of your internal SKU, per UPC, to be quickly uploaded into the registration data.

Setting up a unique identifier with a product registration

When creating or editing a WERCSmart registration, you may set up your unique product identifiers within the registration data.

Brand names – Brands are a drop-down selection. Brand management is available within your WERCSmart account. > First go to the My Account  > then My Libraries.

Product ID – Setting up a Product ID can be found within the Product Type area for data entry and is an alpha-numeric field.

Ingredient Identifier – Creating a unique Ingredient Reference Number for your internal purposes is available at the top of the Ingredient entry area. This is also an alpha-numeric field of data and is optional.

SKU per UPC – SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) may be added at the UPC-level data collection area. This allows for 12 characters, alpha-numeric, no special characters or spaces.

Keep in mind, all unique identifier types are optional fields and are not required in order to submit your registration to UL for assessment. 

Adding unique identifiers to multiple registrations

Since unique identifiers are available to be custom to your organization, they can be changed anytime. Whether you choose to add a new identifier, or modify an existing identifier to a specific group of product registrations, the following guidelines for revising Product-Level identifiers are available using the Bulk Action feature:        

 From the Home Page > select the Bulk Actions button….

Then select Internal Information Revisions from the Bulk Actions window.

Once in the Internal Information Revisions screen, you will see a product table that lists all your active WERCSmart registrations. Located within the Action column, each registration can be edited individually.

You may also set up a filter to only show a select group of products from your registrations, such as when a brand name is being revised within your organization.

For each line item you may overwrite any existing identifiers, or select brand names, then SAVE the information. You can continue to edit each line item, as necessary.

UPC-level identifiers, or SKUs, are available for revision using the “Edit UPC” option on your product registration’s available actions.

Unique identifiers will not require a new assessment

As you SAVE each entry, the registration is updated, and the item is resubmitted only to update UL’s database. No assessment is performed when only your organization’s internal information is updated using this Bulk method. Therefore, there will be no unnecessary delays of accessing your registration details.

Additionally, your unique identifiers are also accessible by our customer support staff – making any outreach inquiries consistent the way your team collaborates.

Questions and assistance

If you would like to learn more about creating unique identifiers, assistance is available by using the WERCSmart Live Chat feature located in the lower right corner of your screen.

The WERCSmart program provides a secure, permission-based platform that facilitates the safe exchange of product information between manufacturers and retailers with the highest standards of confidentiality and service.