Whether you have one or one thousand products registered, the following customer service tools and information resources are available to each WERCSmart account user:

Live chat

When a quick answer to a quick question is needed, live chat is available within the WERCSmart application as well as on the customer support website.

Ticket requests

For more complex questions than what a quick live chat can accomplish, customers can submit detailed questions though customer support ticketing.

Email requests

Comments and questions can be emailed to:


Release notes

View release notes – an itemized list of upcoming enhancements and patches sent to you by email.

Training videos, articles, and webinars

Customers have 24/7 access to our customer support library containing extensive self-help materials including training videos, articles, webinars and more.

Announcements & notifications

Receive emails on upcoming regulatory announcements and notifications that may impact the status of your product registration.

Application news

Users receive WERCSmart News, an email newsletter that contains helpful tips and information designed to enhance your application experience.

For more information on available resources, download our eBook, "Welcome to WERCSmart – Supplier onboarding and resource guide":

Welcome to WERCSmart –  eBook Download PDF

We encourage you to read through this guide prior to setting up your account and registering products.