Beyond regulatory compliance

As more retailers continue to develop their own chemical and product stewardship policies, your permission to share data results extend beyond the parameters of regulatory compliance.

Below are the four permission-based Tiers for product data management in WERCSmart:

Tier one: Permission for regulatory results

Supplier provides permission to use product data to assist recipients in complying with U.S. and international statutes governing the sale, handling, transportation, storage and disposal of regulated products.

Tier two: Permission for chemical program support

Supplier provides permission to use product data to:

  • Tier 2.1 – Screen chemical results and aggregate chemical usage reports for the presence and prevalence of specified chemicals.

  • Tier 2.2 – Share the chemical ID of publicly disclosed ingredient lists and transparency ratios of the chemical name and standard chemical number for public ingredients and the ratio of publicly disclosed ingredients / full formulation listed in WERCSmart.

Tier three: Permission for supplemental reports

Supplier provides permission to use product data to assist recipients with sustainability evaluations, product qualification and rating programs, and supplier qualification and rating programs – in specified product categories.

Recipients use results for internal purposes only.

Tier four: Permission for public disclosure

Supplier provides permission to:

  • Tier 4.1 – Derive results from supplemental reports for qualification decisions or ratings that a product satisfies a set of criteria.

  • Tier 4.2 – Use public names on a product list for publishing on recipient’s website

  • Tier 4.3 – Allow recipient to choose to publicly disclose any supplier provided (non-confidential) data from a product or supplier

Special note:

All new suppliers default to Tier one permission for regulatory compliance.

Your additional permission is required for retailers that choose to extend their chemical and product stewardship policies using Tiers two, three, and four.

Retailers are required to reach out to you and ask your permission directly.


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