Preparing for your product registration

Below is a list of items that can be used as a reference in order to be better prepared for registering products:

Product type

Listing an accurate product type is the first step toward determining your subsequent logic tree of questions posed in your product registration smart survey.


Gather all UPC’s that are associated with each registered product. Up to 500 UPCs can be associated with most types of registrations.

Documents and certifications

Compile your GHS-compliant safety data sheets (OSHA and/or WHMIS). Some registrations may require labels. Fragrance suppliers may be required to provide an International Fragrance Association (IFRA) certificate.

Full chemical formulation 

WERCSmart compares submitted SDSs and other documents against your chemical formulation in order to identify any discrepancies or data gaps before results are reported.

You will be presented with a product composition table where each of your product chemical ingredients is entered.

Note: Required formulation information should be provided as “product as sold.”

Physical chemical properties

Including your product’s physical chemical properties allows for accurate classifications.

Not sure where to find this information? You can begin by reviewing your product’s existing safety data sheet or check with your product development team.

Transportation information

Unsure if your product is regulated for transportation? Check your existing Safety Data Sheet, shipping label or your logistics department.


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