WERCSmart Release Notes – June 25, 2020


The following updates to WERCSmart are available as of the end of business on June 25, 2020:

Terms of Use


Revision and comparison documents are available in the Solution Center. Acknowledgment and acceptance of the Terms of Use is required once the implementation is in place on June 25, 2020. Updated Terms are effective July 1, 2020.


No Changes or Additions

System Performance

Continual Monitoring by Engineering

Registration Data Entry

California Right to Know – Cleaning Products

Manufacturers of Cleaning Products that are sold or distributed within the State of California have the option to participate in additional question and ingredient data related to the California regulation. An additional fee of $495 to receive a JSON file that is provided to your IT or Web Services department to post on your organization’s website is provided as output.

Should changes to the formula details within the registration occur in the future, the $495 would apply again and an updated JSON file would be provided.

When a cleaning product is registered (based on product type selection), there is an additional question that will provide the data needed should the registrant elect to participate in the California Cleaning Right to Know JSON file delivery.

If a registrant elects to participate, further data is collected regarding responsible parties and labeling. A GTIN Brick Code would also be required.

Change to the Ingredient table, only for the California Cleaning Right to Know registration, have also been implemented. New columns are included to indicate Ingredient Type and Functional Purpose. Also, if the Ingredient has been Certified. When indicating Trade Secret, you must provide a generic name for the ingredient. 

Here is an example of an ingredient entry in process.

Should you update data, and you’re in the California Cleaning Right to Know election, you will also see a warning of additional fees should you change anything on the ingredient view.

Please be aware that the retailer, Target, currently requires that all Private Label registrations that are a product type indicated to be a cleaning product. Should you register a private label cleaning product and select Target as a retailer, and you have participated in the California portion of the registration, a warning will appear.

The JSON file, and historical files, will be available in the My Documents area for the product registration (under Actions from the My Product table). This JSON file should be forwarded to your IT or Web Services department for your organization’s website.

The JSON file, when opened, will look similar to the example below.

3rd Party Formulas or Mixtures

Data Tier Consent

There are data tier consent revisions for 3rd Party Formula registrations.  For new registrations, you will accept or decline the Data Tier Consent.  Existing registrations should be reviewed and updated with regard to the expanded Data Tier Consent. If you adjust your existing consent in any manner, resubmit to update the database.  Data Tier Consents impact your Direct Suppliers should they participate in Retailer programs for Sustainability and Restricted Chemicals.


Delivery of Report Requests

After several attempts to improve the user experience for Report Delivery, UL is trying a new method to deliver reports.

To access Reports, the icon is changing from the cloud to a report icon. This is being renamed “My Reports”.

An example of what this will look like:

A screenshot of a social media post

Description automatically generated

The Report will be requested (no longer downloaded).

In an upcoming enhancement, when requesting a report, you will also be able to select the format of the report (Excel, CSV, Zip).  At this time the report will be provided in Excel.

Registrants will receive an email notification when the report is available.

The reporting history will be maintained for 30 days and then the historical report will no longer be available.

Safety Data Sheet Authoring Service

No Changes or Revisions

Submitting Registrations

Shopping Cart

No Changes or Revisions

Subscription Payment Methods

No Changes or Revisions

Looking to the Future

Here are some items coming to WERCSmart in the coming months:

Terms of Use

On September 1, 2020, UL Information & Insights will be known as UL VS, Inc. Be sure the Billing Contact on your WERCSmart account is aware of this upcoming revision as it will impact all payment methods (credit card, ACH, Wire Transfer). More information will follow regarding details of this update and targeted communication to the Billing Contacts will also be done via our Marketing department.

Receipts / Invoices provided via WERCSmart will be revised with the new entity information. Credit Card receipts, as of September 1, will show the new name on the credit card transaction statement.

Additionally, on September 1, 2020, the Terms of Use for WERCSmart will be revised and posted reflecting the new name of UL VS, Inc.

Update v. View Registration Data

A feedback item from many customers during Voice of the Customer telephone meetings was that registration would be put into Update but no changes or revisions to the data would be made. Registrants had no way of reverting the registration back to its original state without having to submit the registration for a revised assessment that wasn’t necessary.  In essence, there was no way to undo an Update once initiated.

We are creating an enhancement that allows the registrant to first “view” the data and then go into the “update” of the data if deemed necessary. The update will still require submission of the registration for a revised assessment, but the registrant is provided an opportunity to initially view the information to ensure an update is necessary.  In summary, you will be viewing the data first, then selecting an update of the data if you feel it is warranted.

The Action selection on the registration is revised to be one selection of “View / Update” rather than two separate selections. The View will show the Summary information and, next to the Print option, will be a new option for “Edit Data”. A warning message to the registrant will appear, asking if editing of the data is what the registrant wants to do, and if so, submission is required. The registrant can then proceed, or cancel, the edit. If the cancel of the edit occurs, the registrant will be brought to the Home Page in WERCSmart.

Update Data – Acknowledgement for Regulatory Documents

When a WERCSmart registration is undergoing revision of the data, a reminder will be provided to the registrant to validate the documents associated with the registration to ensure they still apply to the registration. For example, if the flashpoint on registration is revised and the original Safety Data Sheet shows a different flashpoint, it’s possible to forget to revise the document. This then leads to the suspension of the registration. It’s helpful to be reminded, before submission, to verify the document is in alignment with the data revisions.

Suspension and Rejection Messaging

Another feedback item, specific to the Net Promoter Score (NPS) comments we’ve received, is that the messaging related to Suspension or Rejection of registrations needs improvement. We are currently working on the improved messaging and are working to ensure the details needed for quick resolution of the issue are provided. Clarity of the message has been an issue voiced by customers and we’re hoping to get this enhancement implemented in the coming months.

My Account – User Details Expansion

So that we may continue to improve communications to WERCSmart Registrants and also work on improving communication between Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers, an expansion of the details for WERCSmart Users and Administrators is necessary. 

The first phase of this will include expansion of the details for registrants within the My Account area to include the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
    1. Currently, this is just one name field but will be separated
  • Title
    1. Currently optional but will be required
  • Company Phone
  • Cell Phone or Alternative Phone
    1. New
    2. Future enhancements for improved messaging
  • Location
    1. New selection as to the location of the person/registrant
      • Corporate office
      • Satellite office
      • Home office
    2. Address of the person’s location based on selection above

Registrants currently active in WERCSmart will be given three (3) opportunities to update their information in the My Account area before it is required.  New registrants will complete the information when establishing their accounts.

These revisions are necessary, as indicated above, to improve communication. Additionally, by getting the registrant’s location, we can determine time zones for support, as well as understand the impacts of GDPR and other privacy considerations/regulations.

Document Reader

Our UL Innovation Team is testing a Document Reader they’ve created! The future goal is to allow registrants to provide an SDS early in the registration process and allow the Document Reader to import data into their product registration. 

This will minimize any document/data discrepancy suspensions and will make the registration process more efficient.

PurView Preview within WERCSmart

For WERCSmart Manufacturers who want to review their PurView scores for each retailer, we are adding a section to WERCSmart.

As you can see from this update, many of the enhancements and fixes included, and coming in the future, are a large part contributed by you, our customer. The feedback and suggestions continue to allow us to improve your experience when using WERCSmart. We thank you for your input!

– The WERCSmart Team