The following updates to WERCSmart are available as of the end of business May 8, 2020:


No Changes or Additions

Registration Data Entry

Pesticide Product Types and Validation based on Ingredients

For products that are typically known to be a pesticide, or exempt, the registrant can indicate that the item is not a pesticide in any manner. 

Validation throughout the registration process has been improved to ensure the product is, or is not, a pesticide, including validation at the Ingredient entry table. If the registrant has indicated the item is not a pesticide, yet the ingredients include known active, or inactive, pesticide chemicals, the user will be prompted to either:

  1. Update their pesticide response;
  2. Change the product type;
  3. Correct the ingredient selection; or
  4. Attest to the fact everything is accurate as it relates to the product’s classification as a pesticide

By indicating the product is not a pesticide (below):

 Validation occurs on the Ingredient entry:

The Registrant may then (1) confirm that the product is not a pesticide, even with active or inert pesticide-related ingredients and continue with the registration.

(2) If the registrant gets the warning, they can then select “Go Back” to revisit their data and correct it if needed.

Using the tabs and sections, select Additional Product Data to revisit the pesticide options.

Pesticide Products – State Registration Data Only

For pesticides sold in the United States, there are instances where (1) the product may not require a registration number from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but (2) State regulations could require registration. WERCSmart registrants may now provide State-specific information manually for a product.

No functionality has changed if an EPA registration number is available. Kelly Solutions will be used to import State registration data.

Pesticides - Canada

The selections for the various Provinces in Canada did not provide any clarity to the registrant. The selections, per Province, have been revised to parallel the regulations. Also, the Province Labrador is now the same line item as Newfoundland, correcting an error that had been in WERCSmart for some time.

Example of improved selections:

Example of improved selections:

Full example of selections, per Province:

Newfoundland and Labrador combined:

Ontario recently revised its pesticide regulations, effective May 1, 2020. WERCSmart’s selections for Ontario have been revised per the regulation.

Fertilizers – P, N and K Values

For fertilizer registrations, WERCSmart is now able to collect the P (Phosphates), N (Nitrates) and K (Potassium) percentages for the overall product.

When the registrant selects “yes” for this new option, further information expands on the view to collect the percentages of each. (1) P, (2) N and (3) K values are required, so if any of the values are “0”, you will need to put a “0” in the field.

Entries of the P, K and N values are percentages, with a maximum of two (2) decimal places (you may not provide decimals if you desire and simply provide the whole numeric value).

Volatile Organic Compounds – Exceedance Acknowledgement

(1) (2) (3) – VOC registrations, when the VOC level exceeds a State regulation, will now be required to acknowledge the exceedance of the VOC. Historically, products that exceeded values were suspended by the assessment team to ensure accuracy of the data. By collecting the acknowledgement at time of registration, suspensions will be minimized.

Volatile Organic Compounds - Colorado

Colorado limits are now included in the VOC state table.

Volatile Organic Compounds – Alternative Control Plan

A hyperlink is added, bringing the registrant to the Solution Center, for information about VOC Alternative Control Plans.

Nutritional Supplements

Products that are nutritional supplements have had the Label options minimized to those that pertain to these types of products.

Also, a fix was made with regard to the document collected for a Nutritional product. As these are governed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a product label is required as the document upload. A Safety Data Sheet is not required, but can optionally be provided within the registration.

Wording Revisions

To improve the user experience, some wording revisions have been implemented that include:

Waste Classification 

Food Registrations have corrections for “Tree Nuts” and Soybeans (previously listed as Soy). We’ve also added Shellfish and Crustaceans to the Allergen lists.

Safety Data Sheet (U.S.) upload is revised to state an SDS is needed, rather than a “regulatory document”.

3rd Party Formulas or Mixtures
Business to Consumer Name

Registration of Mixtures can now, optionally, collect the name of the mixture as known to the Consumer.

Clarification: Restricted, Do not Restrict, Exclusive Use

No changes have been made with regard to the formula or mixture availability, but we’d like to take this time to clarify the options, especially as it relates to Access Codes.


When a formula or mixture is indicated to be Restricted for use, the formulator wants tight control of the use of the ingredients within final product registrations. To control access and visibility of the mixture in WERCSmart, the formulator would provide an Access Code to their customers who purchase the mixture directly and use WERCSmart for product registrations.

The Access Code is assigned by the formulator and can be any combination, determined by the formulator, of 8 digits or characters. WERCSmart no longer automatically assigns Access Codes.

Formulators who choose to restrict access and visibility of their mixture in WERCSmart’s Ingredient entry (1) will then be required to provide their own Access Code (2) within the registration.

For existing formula and mixture registrations, the formulator may update their registration and provide their own Access Code for restricted formulas and are encouraged to do so.

Do not Restrict

(1) Formulators may also elect to have their mixture available to any registrant in WERCSmart by either a “CAS” search or “Chemical Name” search.

No Access Code is required or collected when the formula is not restricted from use.


Exclusive Use

(1) Formulas and mixtures that are indicated to be for exclusive use also do not require an Access Code. The mixture will only be visible to the account that registers an exclusive use mixture.

A company may establish exclusive use mixtures if there is a combination of ingredients that is used regularly among various products. A formula could be registered for exclusive use and when a product registration is created, use their own “internal formula” as an ingredient.


No Changes or Updates

Looking to the Future

Here are some items coming to WERCSmart in the coming months.

Terms of Use

Revisions to the WERCSmart Terms of Use are being reviewed and will be implemented.   Users, upon login, will need to review and accept the Terms of Use before proceeding to their Home Page in WERCSmart.

California Cleaning Product Right to Know

A new process will be available, as an option to registrants of cleaning products, where a JSON file delivery will be made to the registrant that can easily be incorporated into their product website, allowing for compliance with the recent California regulation.

3rd Party Formulators Please Note

As part of this process, there will be data tier consent revisions, per formula submitted, that you will need to accept or decline.  Existing formulations may be used by Direct Suppliers, but you are encouraged to review these changes for previously submitted formulas.  Data Tier Consents impact your Direct Suppliers should they participate in Retailer programs for Sustainability and Restricted Chemicals.


Update Data in a Registration

Many times, WERCSmart users select Update Data to simply review the data within a registration. In order to clear the update, the registrant is required to submit the registration, which can cause unnecessary delays and increased Assessment traffic.

We will be providing validation to the user, before the product is in a fully editable state, ensuring that the action is needed on the registration. First, the user will be provided a summary view of the data and there will be an option present to Edit the data. Warnings will be provided that submission of the data must occur should editing be enabled.

Report Delivery Enhancements

Some report requests from within WERCSmart never reach the requestor, whether it be to file sizes being too large or high traffic causing interruptions to the request and delivery. We have reviewed this with our Architects and will be providing a better method for report delivery.

WERCSmart Users will receive an email when the report request is ready and will be provided access to the report. Reports will be available for retrieval for a period of 20 calendar days.

Thank you for your continued feedback and suggestions!


– The WERCSmart Team