The following updates to WERCSmart are available as of end of business March 24, 2020:


Bed Bath & Beyond

The Retailer is instituting a Chemical Policy and is now requiring Data Tier permissions.   Bed, Bath & Beyond is requiring Data Tier 2.1, 2.2 and 4.1 from their Suppliers.  The scope of products are:

  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Health & Beauty
  • Pharmacy
  • Over-the-Counter
  • Nutritional Supplements

Data Tier Consent will be prompted, if you have registrations directed to Bed, Bath & Beyond, upon your first login once the information is available.  If you wish to only provide Data Tier Consent Level 1, the standard for WERCSmart participation, you must save your election. 

Dollar Tree / Family Dollar

The Retailer is now accepting registrations that are battery-containing products, batteries and electronics (items not sold with a battery included).


The Retailer requires registration of all product types:

  • Formulated
  • Batteries
  • Battery-Containing Products
  • Electronics
  • Food Items dispensed by Compressed Gas (I.e. Oils)

Registration Data Entry

Manufacturer and Distributor Collaborative Registrations

Several fixes were implemented with this update to WERCSmart:

  • Removing a duplicate UPC message that was appearing on the Manufacturer’s registration.
  • Improving the message to the Distributor should a UPC be added that already exists in WERCSmart but is not on the Manufacturer’s product.
  • Approval message from the Manufacturer to Distributor has the WERCSmart hyperlink fixed.
  • The Manufacturer’s data, with regard to Region Sold (Canada and/or U.S.) was not being retained in the Distributor’s registration settings and this is now fixed.


Formula, Enhanced Article, Article Report

A fix has been put in place for this report correcting the output. This report is utilized for subscription purposes to track the quantity of the types of registrations.


The report was being delivered to some Users as an HTML format rather than Excel or CSV file. This is now fixed.

Looking to the Future

Here are some items coming to WERCSmart in the coming months.

Terms of Use

Revisions to the WERCSmart Terms of Use are being reviewed and will be implemented.   Users, upon login, will need to review and accept the Terms of Use before proceeding to their Home Page in WERCSmart.

California Cleaning Product Right to Know

A new process will be available, as an option to registrants of cleaning products, where a JSON file delivery will be made to the registrant that can easily be incorporated into their product website, allowing for compliance with the recent California regulation.

  •  3rd Party Formulators Please Note

As part of this process, there will be data tier consent revisions, per formula submitted, that you will need to accept or decline.  Existing formulations may be used by Direct Suppliers, but you are encouraged to review these changes for previously submitted formulas.  Data Tier Consents impact your Direct Suppliers should they participate in Retailer programs for Sustainability and Restricted Chemicals.

Pesticide Registration Revisions

The Canada Pesticide registrations will have enhancements made to clarify the selections for the various provinces, with the goal of improving the registrant’s experience. 

Additionally, validation within a registration will be included to ensure the product is, or is not, a pesticide per EPA regulations. This will include ingredient validation, ensuring the active ingredient is listed in the registration, and other items. We continue to look to improve this process and will be contacting pesticide manufacturers throughout 2020 for feedback and suggestions.

Regulatory Phrases audit in WERCSmart

A recent internal audit of regulatory phrases used throughout the registration process. General findings include re-wording of some items that are to be implemented in the coming months. Changes will not affect existing registrations in any manner. 

Examples of improvements are:

  • Searching for ingredients by common names, not just CAS or chemical names;
  • VOC validation if the VOC level exceeds the regulation avoiding phone calls and emails for validation;
  • Alphabetizing retailer Private Label lists;
  • Correction of the regulatory citation for Lead Acid battery transportation exemptions;
  • Provide clearer instruction as to the acceptable format of UN Number entry within the modes of transportation

Thank you for your continued feedback and suggestions!


  • The WERCSmart Team