The following updates to WERCSmart are available in early March 2020:


Canadian Tire

The Retailer is now accepting registrations in WERCSmart that are not chemical-containing products, but are considered to be Articles.  Examples of items that may be registered for the retailer are:

  • Weaving Yarn
  • DVD – Pre-Recorded
  • USB Stick
  • Ski Rack
  • Automotive Applicators / Brushes
  • Hair Clip
  • Toilet Paper
  • Baby Diapers (Disposable)

These items may be registered to collect Packaging information within the registration so that Provincial Stewardship program compliance is achieved.  Be sure to have the packaging details updated for Articles in your “My Account” area in WERCSmart. Packaging registrations are included in your standard subscription program and you can associate your packaging at the UPC-level within a product registration.

3rd-Party Restricted Formulas

Access Code for Restricted Formulas

Earlier, a new feature was implemented for the Formulator to establish their own Access Codes when a formula was set for restricted use.

In this release, we’re implementing an Action item on the formula in “My Products” view that will display the Access Code information for the registration.

For Formulators who have not indicated the formula is Restricted, a fix is in place where an Access Code is not required at the time of registration, nor will the Direct Supplier need to provide an Access Code when using a non-restricted formula in their registration.


Registration Data Entry

Data Validation and Saving

Improvements have been made to increase the validation of data provided within a registration, at the time of final saving of the data, to ensure there are no unresolved errors and that data changes have been fully updated.  Doing so assists the registrant prior to submission, by fixing items that may cause suspensions or rejections by the assessment team.

Distributor UPC to Canada

A fix has been put in place that resolves an issue with a UPC request that is approved from a Manufacturer, and the Manufacturer has included Canada as a region for sale.  The Distributor will now be able to include Canada and, if needed, a Canadian Retailer, to their UPC in order to successfully submit.  The Region on the Manufacturer’s product registration will be preserved when a UPC is added by a Distributor.

UPC Bulk Upload and Continue

A fix has been implemented that resolves an issue with the “continue” button on the UPC screen missing when a large quantity of UPCs were bulk uploaded into a registration.  The registrant can now scroll to the bottom of the UPC screen and the Continue button will properly display.

Transportation Exemptions

When a registrant would select “regulated for transport” within a registration and select an exemption that applies to the registration, then updated to a different option for transport, the entry area would properly adjust.  However, if the registrant then changed the option back to “regulated for transport”, the exemption was preserved and the registrant would get an improper error notification. This is now fixed and the error will not display, as the registrant did not yet select “continue”. 

Home Page

Search by Name, WERCSmart ID, or UPC

On the Home Page, “My Product” listing, the search feature was not properly functioning when searching by either:

  • Product Name
  • WERCSmart ID
  • UPC

A fix is now in place restoring the search functionality.


UPC Reports and Case Pack
On various reports that include UPC details, intermittently the Case Pack indicator was incorrect. This is now
revised and properly working.

UPCs and Registrations (Retailer Specific)

For many WERCSmart registrants, this report was not being delivered to the requestor due to time-out issues and prioritization issues in the processing area.  Larger reports are delivered to requestors via email. The Engineering team has resolved the delivery of larger reports by:

  • Making these files a zip file for delivery;
  • The processor that generates the reports has implemented improvement to allow reports in the queue to send via email if a report fails to generate (basically resetting the queue to allow others to pass).

Further enhancements will be coming regarding file sizes and formats to improve delivery of reports.

Looking to the Future

Here are some items coming to WERCSmart in the coming months.

Terms of Use

Revisions to the WERCSmart Terms of Use are being reviewed and will be implemented.  Users, upon login, will need to review and accept the Terms of Use before proceeding to their Home Page in WERCSmart.

Bed Bath & Beyond Data Tier Expansion

The retailer will be requesting Data Tier consents as follows for the following product categories:

  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Health & Beauty
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Over-the-Counter (OTC)
  • Pharmaceuticals

California Cleaning Product Right to Know

A new process will be available, as an option to registrants of cleaning products, where a JSON file delivery will be made to the registrant that can easily be incorporated into their product website, allowing for compliance with the recent California regulation.

3rd Party Formulators

As part of this process, there will be data tier consent revisions, per formula submitted, that you will need to accept or decline.  Existing formulations may be used by Direct Suppliers, but you are encouraged to review these changes for previously submitted formulas.  Data Tier Consents impact your Direct Suppliers should they participate in Retailer programs for Sustainability and Restricted Chemicals.

Pesticide Registration Revisions

The Canada Pesticide registrations will have enhancements made to clarify the selections for the various provinces, with the goal of improving the registrant’s experience. 

Additionally, validation within a registration will be included to ensure the product is, or is not, a pesticide per EPA regulations. This will include ingredient validation, ensuring the active ingredient is listed in the registration, and other items. We continue to look to improve this process and will be contacting pesticide manufacturers throughout 2020 for feedback and suggestions.

Regulatory Phrases audit in WERCSmart

A recent internal audit of regulatory phrases used throughout the registration process. General findings include re-wording of some items that are to be implemented in the coming months. Changes will not affect existing registrations in any manner. 

Examples of improvements are:

  • Searching for ingredients by common names, not just CAS or chemical names;
  • VOC validation if the VOC level exceeds the regulation avoiding phone calls and emails for validation;
  • Alphabetizing retailer Private Label lists;
  • Correction of the regulatory citation for Lead Acid battery transportation exemptions;
  • Provide clearer instruction as to the acceptable format of UN Number entry within the modes of transportation

Thank you for your continued feedback and suggestions!


  • The WERCSmart Team