The following updates to WERCSmart are available by the end of January 2020:


Ahold / Delhaize America:

The retailers have merged and are now listed as Ahold in WERCSmart with a new logo.

Registration Data Entry

Universal Product Code (UPC)

UPC Transportation

A product that may have a slight variation of transportation classification for DOT only due to the size of the container you’re shipping typically would be two (2) separate registrations in WERCSmart.  With this update to WERCSmart, you may now indicate, at the UPC-level, any variance in the DOT classification, eliminating the need for a separate registration.

Note: Transportation data is not included in bulk UPC upload.

UPC Filters

On the UPC view within a registration, you may filter your UPCs to assist you in finding specific data.


An additional option is available if a product could be considered a pesticide (qualifying statement).   This will include items that may claim to sterilize, disinfect, sanitize or otherwise rid of bacteria, viruses or microorganisms that are infectious or pathogenic to humans.

Thank you for your continued feedback and suggestions!

~The WERCSmart Team