WERCSmart Release Notes

September 2019

Below are the latest updates and fixes going into WERCSmart by the end of September.

Battery Registrations (Non-Lithium)

Article Information Sheet

Batteries are considered Articles and are not required to have a Safety Data Sheet under OSHA regulations. Therefore, for non-lithium battery registrations, an Article Information Sheet (AIS) may be provided in lieu of an SDS. If you have an SDS and wish to upload it within the battery registration, you may do so as well (an AIS is not required).


Summary of Registration

The Public Disclosure data on the Summary didn’t always match the actual data within the registration. This has been fixed.

Archiving Retailers

When archiving a retailer from a registration, if the UPC is only associated to the retailer being archived, the UPC will also be removed from the registration to minimize “ghost” UPCs.

My Reports – Subscription Report:

The description of the report is being revised to provide more clarity to the WERCSmart customer.

My Reports – Retailers with Chemicals of Concern:

The report was generating code rather than data. This is now fixed.

Message Center and Alerts:

Pesticide alerts and messages will include, at minimum, one WERCSmart product ID that has expired State registration data.

WERCSmart BOT and Chat Icons:

There were occasions when these icons got in the way and blocked the “continue” options during registration. We have eliminated the BOT and the Chat icon has been moved to the top of the screen.

UL’s Navigator

Global Regulatory Resource

UL’s Navigator highlights the main chemical regulatory requirements for over 50 countries around the world. These summaries compile the most important information all in one place, offering easy to understand explanations of complex topics, paired with links to laws and helpful resources. Summaries are authored and updated by our global regulatory specialists, whose primary responsibility is the monitoring and reporting of regulations in their given country. To learn more about this product, please visit the UL Solution Center on the left-navigation menu.

Coming Q4 2019

The WERCSmart team is in the process of finalizing further updates to the WERCSmart platform for implementation in the end of Q4 2019.

WERCSmart Users:

Updates may include:

Remove Update:

Once an update is initiated by a user, the Action option of “Remove Update” will be available. Any changes made, but not submitted for assessment, will be removed and the product registration will be in the last submitted status. Removing the update will erase any unsubmitted changes to the registration.

WERCSmart Users will no longer need to contact Support to have Update removed from a registration and can take action on the registration themselves.

Waste Classification Visual Indicator

There are times when minimal or no data is available on ingredients used within the registration to determine State or Federal waste classifications. In those cases, if no testing reports are provided with the registration, and after consideration of all other data, the Assessment team may classify the waste the product in a conservative manner. (This is done to protect the manufacturer and the retailer from costly fines)

On the My Product view of WERCSmart’s Home Page, when a conservative waste classification has been made, the user will see an icon indicating the classification (see below). The User may provide additional testing documents, if available, using “Update” on the registration to ensure the most accurate waste classification for the registration.

If you don’t see this icon, that’s great! Enough supporting data was provided to allow for the most appropriate classification for State and/or Federal regulations.

As a reminder, in the report area, there is a Waste Classification Summary for all Registrations report to generate at your convenience. This will assist in understanding the assessment classification provided for all submitted registrations. Also, an Additional Report is available, within each registration process, that will outline the overall assessment outputs per registration. In the Action area, you can use the Request Additional Document option and then select the Assessment Summary Report (be sure to submit your request).

UPC-Level Certifications

As an option during the product registration, users will be able to provide certifications the product’s UPC(s) has/have received. Certification options will be:

• Cradle-to-Cradle (Silver, Gold or Platinum)

• EPA Safer Choice

• EWG Certified

• Green Good Housekeeping

• Green Seal

• Green Tick

• Madesafe

• NSF Sustainability Certified

• UL Ecologo

UPC Name

Each UPC will require a specific name, which may vary from the product’s registration name. The UPC Bulk Upload feature will be enhanced as well, to accommodate the UPC Name.

Discontinued Registration

Filter for registrations that users have marked as discontinued products will be available in the More Filter area on the Home Page.

California Cleaning Product Regulations

Some manufacturers of these types of registrations need an easy way to comply with the upcoming California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act. Through the WERCSmart registration, users will have an option to provide the information needed under the regulation. The user will get a file delivered, after the assessment is processed, that will allow the user to integrate information into their website as part of the compliance effort. This is an optional registration add-on.

The My Ingredient library (available in My Account), will have revisions for the additional data needed under this regulation as well. This additional data is optional and will include functional purpose of the ingredient as well as other options.

3rd Party Formula Registrations

Data Tier Consent revisions have occurred in connection with the various retail chemical policies. Tier Consent 4.1 has been added to 3rd Party Formula registrations.

Additionally, 3rd Party Formulas will be permitted to have the ingredients within the formula revised by the user, rather than having to create a new registration due to the supply-chain impact of ingredient changes. Primary product registrations that use a 3rd Party Formula will automatically be re-assessed should any ingredient information in a 3rd Party Formula be updated and resubmitted. Primary registrants will receive notification (Alerts and Message Center) of the reason their registration is being re-assessed.

3rd Party formulators will also be required, during their registration for restricted ingredient registrations, to establish their own Access Code. The formulator will need to maintain this access code for distribution to their customers who will use this code during their primary product registration. WERCSmart will no longer create the Access Code for a restricted formula. Formulators will also provide the “listed name” for their ingredient within the WERCSmart registration process and will also be able to provide any pending Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) identifier.

There will be additional data, for 3rd Party Formulas, regarding Sustainability and the impact of the Formula on retailer’s Sustainability programs, for informational purposes. Based on the retailer criteria, an estimation of the compliance with the retailer program will be presented. Keep in mind, retailer programs may only encompass certain types of products and your formula may be used in a primary registration that is, or is not, within these retailer programs.

Happy Autumn!

The WERCSmart Team