WERCSmart provides information regarding the Retail Recipients of Assessment information derived from your product registration.  To view specific retailer information, use the Retail Partners icon.

Various types of information is available in the Retail Partner area, once you select a specific retailer.  From here you can see if additional data is required when submitting registrations for the retailer, such as Vendor IDs, or Data Tier Consent requirements.  The WERCSmart User can also see how many of their registrations are associated to the Retailer and when the first registration was submitted for the retailer.

New information is coming to this area in in the first half of 2019, which will include information regarding the Assessment Data.  It will include:

Data Transfer:

Most Recipients of Assessment data receive their information via a file transfer method.  The file transfer schedule varies based on the specific retailer.  This data is then imported into the retailer's own systems for general use in their day-to-day operations.

Dynamic Data:

Many Recipients need immediate information, in addition to the Data Transfer.  This is vital to critical operations, such as waste and transport, where the data transfer and file management process isn't fast enough.

Dynamic Data (live view of the data) is provided to the Recipient using a secure website.  The live information is used for Transportation classifications, Waste classifications, Pesticide details, as well as documents (Safety Data Sheet).  Additionally, Recipients need to know the status of registration assessments, similar to the WERCSmart User, and Dynamic Data is available for this purpose as well.


Recipients typically operate with chemical policies that include Restricted Substances Lists, ingredient transparency goals and various reporting commitments.  The Retail Partner page will display Tier 2.1 and 2.2 consent requests if a recipient wants supplier authorization to use WERCSmart data for these programs, which are operated on the PurView platform.  If a supplier’s products are within the scope of a recipient’s chemical policy program and the supplier has provided the required consents, a recipient may authorize the supplier to access its PurView catalog so that each supplier can see how their products are assessed.  There is no charge for this access.  To request access, suppliers should send go to the PurView Site and use the Contact Us form. Please indicate the specific recipient chemical policy program(s) they are participating in (Retailer).

UPC Requests and UPC Update Capabilities:

In many cases, WERCSmart Users will be requested via a Recipient, to provide registration information so that an assessment may be performed by WERCSmart for regulatory classification.  To minimize the impact on the WERCSmart User, some Recipients choose to utilize a UPC request system where the UPC can be requested via the WERCSmart system, if the UPC already exists.  When this occurs, some Recipients also have the ability to add additional UPC identifiers the Recipient needs in their internal day-to-day operations.  Examples of the identifiers would be Walmart's Vendor ID number, or Target's DPCI.  When a Recipient who has special UPC identifiers on their registrations requests a UPC from WERCSmart, the Recipient is able to add the identifier they need to the UPC.  This will return the information to the WERCSmart registration data within the User's account.  Not all Recipients utilize the UPC Update feature when making UPC requests, as this is only for Recipients that currently collect additional data when the registration is made in WERCSmart.