The WERCSmart registration process is set up into various tabs of data:

  • Product Type
  • Product Characteristics
  • Recipient and UPC Details
  • Review and Submit

Tabs are color coded, so you know where you've left off and what's still to be done.  When the tab is green, the data is provided.  If the tab has no color, the tab entries are not complete and data is needed.  Once you edit data in a tab, the subsequent tabs may need further updates.  Especially if you change the Type of Registration you're making!

Within each tab category, there are various subcategories that you can also access.  In the example below, to edit the Product Type I would go to the Product Type tab and then select the section titled "The Product".  Use the pencil icon to open for editing.

You can then edit the data available. 

When you're in the registration for the first time, you will be permitted to progress forward.  After you've completed each section, in order, you may go backward in the registration as you need to revise any data.  This could be common when providing transportation details and encountering physical property errors such as flash point discrepancies.

For registrations that have been submitted already and now you want to update the data, from the actions option, select "Update".  Your tabs will be displayed as fully green.  Again, select a tab, then a section, to edit.  You will need to accept the revisions and resubmit the registration for assessment.