The Assessment process, where our Regulatory Review Team members review the data and documentation you've provided in the registration, and derive results based on the retailer's specific need and requirements, takes about two (2) business days to process.  Authoring requests are also done during the Assessment process, when you've requested a Safety Data Sheet be drafted for your registration.  Therefore you should plan your registration submissions accordingly and allow enough time for the Assessment process, when meeting retailer's on-boarding deadlines.

Requests to expedite an assessment will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed in any manner to get the assessment resolved any quicker.  Expedite requests will be made, but again, there is no guarantee that the assessment will process any quicker.  Also, please consider that there are times of the year when we have more assessments than normal, such as leading up to the Holiday Seasons (Spring, Winter).

We appreciate your planning efforts and your consideration.  For more information on the Assessment Process and timing, you may consider this article.