The WERCSmart subscription renews automatically on an annual basis, using the default payment method indicated on your WERCSmart account.  To view your subscription details, you will go to the My Account area, then My Subscription.


To cancel your subscription, you need to do the following before your renewal period:


  1. Delete registrations from the My Account area using the Action item on each registration; or
  2. Use the Bulk Actions area to delete multiple, eligible items for deletion. Be sure your product registrations, and assessments, are no longer in use at the associated retailers and there has been NO activity in the last year.    In other words, be sure the retailer has no inventory on-hand. Once your Product listing is empty, a renewal is not necessary and your subscription is eligible for cancellation.
  3. A formal cancellation request must be made in the form of ticket, phone call or chat to Customer Support.

All steps above MUST be taken before a cancellation may be considered.


To determine what registrations are eligible for deletion (or to make a registration obsolete), please refer to the article, WERCSmart Definitions.  You may also contact a Support team representative for assistance.