UPC Bulk Upload

Amending the Data

The UPC bulk upload option is a way to quickly populate the UPC area within the registration, but until now, you were unable to amend existing UPCs or retailer data, using the Bulk Upload feature.  If you have a UPC in your bulk upload that is already associated to the product, but has a new retailer association, the amendment will now be made using this feature.

Maximum Upload File

Improved messaging is provided indicating the file maximum of UPCs, per upload, is 100 UPCs.  Overall, most registrations accommodate 500 UPCs maximum, with batteries having a maximum of five (5) UPCs.  When you have more than 100 UPCs to upload, you will need to have multiple files, maximum of 100 UPCs each file, and you can then upload sequentially.  You do not need to exit the system to continue with the upload of the files.

The template for UPC Bulk Upload is located on the UPC view within the registration.