Canadian registrations will have additional functionality due to Canada's Stewardship / Blue Box programs.

Management of the Stewardship numbers for five (5) Provinces will be maintained in the "My Account" and "Company Information" area of WERCSmart.  Supplier organizations may, or may not, have these Stewardship registration identifiers available. You are strongly encouraged to update this information, including indicating if you do not have Stewardship numbers for the Provinces.

My Packaging - When is it Required?

Certain registrations for Canadian Tire will require, at the UPC level, details about the packaging.  Be reminded that packaging is done with the My Account, My Library area.  You can indicate the materials used in the package set and name the package set for easy identification and association with product UPC records.

Private Label (Store-Brand) registration going to Canadian Tire will be required to include packaging details at the UPC level, regardless of Stewardship identifiers.  For non-Private Label Brands, if your organization does not have Stewardship numbers for all five (5) Provinces, the UPC level information will also require packaging details.