We are pleased to share the latest updates and fixes for WERCSmart.  There are a number of items that will be added to the application by December 21, 2018.

Retailer Updates

Canadian Tire - Stewardship / Blue Box Program

Canadian Tire registrations will have additional functionality due to Canada's Stewardship / Blue Box programs.

Management of the Stewardship numbers for five (5) Provinces will be maintained in the "My Account" and "Company Information" area of WERCSmart.  Supplier organizations may, or may not, have these Stewardship registration identifiers available. You are strongly encouraged to update this information, including indicating if you do not have Stewardship numbers for the Provinces.

My Packaging - When is it Required?

Certain registrations for Canadian Tire will require, at the UPC level, details about the packaging.  Be reminded that packaging is done with the My Account, My Library area.  You can indicate the materials used in the package set and name the package set for easy identification and association with product UPC records.

Private Label (Store-Brand) registration going to Canadian Tire will be required to include packaging details at the UPC level, regardless of Stewardship identifiers.  For non-Private Label Brands, if your organization does not have Stewardship numbers for all five (5) Provinces, the UPC level information will also require packaging details.

CVS Logo

Revised for spacing and size.


Bag-On-Valve and Propellants

Earlier in 2018, there was an enhancement in WERCSmart where all aerosols were verified to include a propellant in the ingredients.  Bag-on-Valve dispensing method will no longer require a propellant to be listed with the product ingredients as the technology uses methods that do not include a propellant within the product's ingredients.  If you've registered items in this time period that include an ingredient such as "air" to allow for the bag-on-valve technology, you do not need to update your registration at this time and may do so at your own convenience.

Using a 3rd (3d, Third) Party Formula within a Registration

Wording Revision for User Warning Message

When a registration contains a 3rd Party formula that has not been updated with regard to Data Tier Consent, the user will see a message advising the formulator has been notified.  The product registration is not halted in any manner and the user may proceed.

In the coming months, 3rd Party Formulators will have an option to update the consent, per Formula registration, using Action options.  Until this is in place, please contact support for assistance.


Pesticide Registered Item included in a Kit

Kit registrations, upon forwarding to a new retailer or adding a UPC, will verify the items included in the Kit have updated or current Pesticide Registration data.  If there is a registration within the Kit that has an expiration coming within 29 or less days, the user will be prompted to revise the individual item's data before performing the Kit revision.

Pesticide Registrations

State Registration is Obsolete

You can now remove the line of data from the State Registration table as needed.

Authored Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Wording Revision for User Message

The message to the user is being revised for clarity.  The assessment and authored document are provided to the Retailer.  The user may edit, or upload a replacement document, which the retailer will then receive upon completion by the Supplier.  Accepting or editing the delivered document does not delay the retailer's receipt of the assessment.

My Messages

Archived Message

Fixes have been made to the archived message filter.

Speed and Performance

Continued Progress is being made by our Development team.


Case Pack

Due to transport regulations that impact items shipped to a consumer by the case, we are implement an "Add Case UPC" to the UPC view in WERCSmart.  Case UPCs are not part of the Bulk UPC upload functionality and are done individually within the registration.  The Summary View will be revised to include the Case Pack UPC details.

When forwarding the registration to a new retailer, you can also add Case Pack UPCs at that time.  The UPC entry area will have an additional option where you may associate an existing single-UPC to the case.

Case UPC data includes the quantity of units within the case, optional association of the individual UPC within the case, as well as required transportation options specific to the case.

UPC Removal and Retailer Archive

When a user removes all active UPCs from a registration, the retailers will no longer be associated and will be archived from the registration.  There were issues in the past where the retailer would appear to have been archived, but within the data the full archive was not happening.  This has now been fixed.  

When you archive all active UPCs, the retailers will also be archived.  Should you need to reinstate a retailer and add UPCs, you will now be able to do so without issue.


UPC Bulk Upload

Amending the Data

The UPC bulk upload option is a way to quickly populate the UPC area within the registration, but until now, you were unable to amend existing UPCs or retailer data, using the Bulk Upload feature.  If you have a UPC in your bulk upload that is already associated to the product, but has a new retailer association, the amendment will now be made using this feature.

Maximum Upload File

Improved messaging is provided indicating the file maximum of UPCs, per upload, is 100 UPCs.  Overall, most registrations accommodate 500 UPCs maximum, with batteries having a maximum of five (5) UPCs.  When you have more than 100 UPCs to upload, you will need to have multiple files, maximum of 100 UPCs each file, and you can then upload sequentially.  You do not need to exit the system to continue with the upload of the files.

Coming Attractions

My Products

To prevent items from getting lost and to allow for improved management of the products within your account, we're adding some new indicators.  These will be for your use, at your discretion.  Examples of the new indicator options are:

  • Discontinued Registrations
  • UPC Updated and not yet Submitted
  • Registration Data Revised and not yet Submitted

This will also have a new report available indicating the product information as well as when the update was initiated and who started the update.  Examples of update types are:

  • UPC
  • Pesticide
  • Forwarding to a new retailer
  • General update of data

Additionally, if an account holder inadvertently puts a registration into an Update status, you will now have the ability to remove the update only if no data has been changed.  Until this is in place, you need to contact support asking for removal of the Update status of your registration.

Items that users choose to update will no longer be included in the "needs attention" area of My Products.  The Needs Attention area will be sued for items that have been submitted but the assessment process is suspended due to additional data or clarification being needed.

Follow Registrations

You have a a deadline and want to track your registration's assessment progress for a specific retailer.  You'll be able to follow a registration and receive email notifications along the way.  You'll receive email notifications on registrations you're following when:

  • Suspended or Rejected;
  • The assessment is finalized and waiting transfer to the Retailer;
  • The assessment is received by the Retailer systems

Once a registration is complete to the Retailer, the follow feature will automatically disengage.  You can choose which registration you want to follow after registration is submitted, using the Action option on the registration.  If there are 2 or more retailers on a registration, you can also select the retailer you wish to follow.

Rejected Registrations and Email Notification

Items that are rejected will have an email generated to the user who submitted the registration, advising of the rejection.  Uses on the account would have to have notifications enabled within the My Account and User area to receive these emails.


Payment Method Updates and Processing Payments

When a WERCSmart account updates their payment method, or revises the billing information on file, there are currently some delays in having these items processed.  Many times, our support team is contacted to assist in expediting processing of payments.  In the future, WERCSmart will allow the user to process payments after revisions to payment or billing information is made, putting the user back in control of their WERCSmart subscription account.

Renewal Notifications

Subscription renewals are currently only provided to the Billing contact and in many cases these are not WERCSmart users.  We are adding the WERCSmart Administrators to the subscription renewal notifications, which will will provide opportunity for the Administrator to review their account and prepare in advance for the automatic renewal of the annual subscription.

New Users

New accounts, as well as new users for existing accounts, will receive a more comprehensive welcome email that includes information on the purpose of WERCSmart's registration process with regard to Retailer's regulatory compliance needs.  In the rush to meet deadlines, many new customers only know they need to register data in WERCSmart, but they're not sure why.  This should help to eliminate confusion of the user and provide better understanding of the type of data required about the product in a WERCSmart registration.

Thank you.

The WERCSmart Team of UL Product Supply Chain Intelligence