The recipients, or retailers, of WERCSmart Assessment information may request that an assessment be resent.  When this occurs, you may notice your assessment go back into the queue to retransmit the Assessment data to the retailer.  This is sometimes done to refresh a retailer's internal systems.

Also, our Assessment team regularly reviews registrations in batches to ensure the data is up-to-date with the current regulations.  As an example, we may do a review of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) standards on groups of registrations.  This could be a review for all products in a specific group based on Product Type, to ensure the items remain in compliance.  If there are regulatory changes coming, the Assessment team may perform these reviews in advance of the regulation going into effect.

We could have also experienced an internal error with the Assessment transfer, that causes the Assessment transfer to be reattempted.

As part of your subscription to WERCSmart, the Terms of Use consider Tier 1 Data Consent to be the minimum consent provided on all submitted registrations.  You can visit the Terms of Use available on the My Retail Partners area once logged into WERCSmart.  In there, please refer to the Data Tier Consent information.

Your subscription enrollment covers data management, of which the Assessment is part of this process.  We are continually working to ensure the Assessment information provided allows for compliance with all types of registrations.