The following updates will be in WERCSmart on November 16, 2018.  To be less disruptive to our customers at this busy time of year, we have minimized the updates included in November.  Once 2019 arrives, we're excited to offer further enhancements that will continue to improve your WERCSmart experience.

Retailer Updates

Data Tier Consent - Amazon, Rite Aid

Amazon will be requesting consent for Tiers 2.1 and 2.2.  Rite Aid is requesting consent for Tiers 2.1, 2.2 and 3 for products in scope.  If you intend to make no changes to the consent settings you have in place, to ensure future logins don't continue to bring you to the Retail Partner area, you may toggle a consent setting and save the update.  We have an update to the system coming that will make this easier in the future.

Amazon's Scope includes cleaning products, health & beauty, and over-the-counter.

Rite Aid's Scope includes the same as Amazon, but with the addition of Nutritional Supplements.

Canadian Tire - Stewardship / Blue Box Program

Canadian Tire registrations will have additional functionality due to Canada's Stewardship / Blue Box programs.  

Management of the Stewardship numbers for five (5) Provinces is handled in the My Account area of WERCSmart.  Supplier organizations may, or may not, have these Stewardship registrations available.  You are strongly encouraged to update this information within your account.

Accessing the Stewardship data in My Account, requires an update to the Company Information:

Scroll down to the Canada Details on the Account and use the Edit for the Stewardship data:

Provide the data for the Province(s) and then be sure to Save the revisions.

My Packaging - When is it Required?

Certain registrations for Canadian Tire will require, at the UPC level, My Packaging details.  Be reminded that packaging is done within My Account in the My Library area.  You can create your own packaging and indicate the packaging materials and weights.  In the actual product registration, you can then associate the Package you've created to the UPC, in addition to the standard container type data.

  • Private Label (Store Brands) for Canadian Tire will require packaging to be included at the UPC level.  
  • If your organization does not have Stewardship numbers for all five (5) Provinces and you're not registering a Private Label (Store Brand) product, you will also be required to provide packaging details.  
  • When you're registering a product that is not a store brand, and you have all five (5) Provinces in your Account, you will not be required to provide package details.

In the My Account area, select My Library

Be sure to be on the My Packaging tab, which is the default, and then select "Add New" to add new packaging options for your account.  This does not impact subscription in any manner.

Name your packaging, so that you and your co-workers can easily identify.

You can add rows to the packaging details, as needed, to accommodate the various components of the packaging:

Use the drop down options for the packaging materials and be sure to include the weight of the material, in grams, for the various components of the package.

Continue, save, and accept the data entries for the packaging.

When you're in a registration that is indicated to be sold in Canada, and you've selected the retailer (Canadian Tire, as an example), the UPC data will be collected as per the example below.


This retailer will no longer be available for selection within the WERCSmart system.  Any registrations you may have associated to Michaels will automatically have the retailer archived from the registration.  If you have UPCs on a registration and Michaels was on the product with other retailers, the UPC will be archived for Michaels.

UPC Bulk Upload

Duplicate UPC Warning!

When you use the Bulk Upload feature for the UPC on a registration, we have added an enhancement that will provide you an alert if a UPC is duplicated.  You will see a message and the duplications are visibly highlighted in cases of redundancy of a UPC on the registration.  

Here's an example:

Power Bank Registrations

Lithium-Ion Battery Only

When registering the product type of Power Bank in WERCSmart, the battery selection area will only permit the selection of Lithium Ion Battery.  No other battery types are available for selection due to the type of product being registered. 

Auto-Recertification of an existing registration is required, for Power Banks, when the item is either forwarded or has a UPC update performed, if the battery included in the registration is not currently a Lithium Ion battery.  If a Lithium Ion is already associated to the registration, auto-recertification for a battery type update will not be necessary.

Speed and Performance

Continued Progress

Our Development team continues to monitor the speed and performance of the WERCSmart system and improvements continue to be made.

My Account


In the subscription area, users can now obtain the price list, or view how to enroll in subscription.