Improvements continue in the WERCSmart system.  The updates will be put into the WERCSmart system around to mid-October.  Please be sure to log into the WERCSmart system and check the Announcements area for specific information on when these items will be available.

Password Expirations!

Email Notifications of Password Expiration

When your WERCSmart password is set to expire, you will receive an email notification advising of the pending expiration and how to update your password within the WERCSmart system. 

Email notifications will be sent to the user’s email address 30-days and 15-days in advance of the Password expiring.  Passwords will require reset every 90 days.

If the password is not updated before expiration, the WERCSmart User may use the “forgot password” link on the initial login to answer security questions to reset the password.  Or, the user may contact their WERCSmart Administrator who also is able to update the user’s password in the My Account area of WERCSmart.

Adding Raw Material Ingredients to WERCSmart

Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) Numbers and Raw Materials

We’ve revised our process to assist you when a raw material is not available in the WERCSmart Ingredient table.  Many times, a formulation from a Formulator’s organization doesn’t fulfill the need of a single raw material ingredient.  Historically, the requirement was that a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the raw materials would need to be provided for our team to establish the ingredient in our database.  Unfortunately, not all raw materials have an SDS available.

Should you be unable to find a specific ingredient, you may submit a Support Ticket and attached the Ingredient Request Form, found on our support site.  When the ingredient is a raw material and you do have an SDS for the ingredient available, you do not need to complete the Request Form, but should simply provide the SDS with your request.

When an SDS for the raw material is not available, you will need to provide the following information in the Support Ticket:

  • Manufacturer of the ingredient;
    • Globally Harmonized Standard (GHS) classification for the ingredient;
    • Physical State of the ingredient (liquids require Flash Point);
    • Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Inventory status of the ingredient; and
    • PMN or EPA Accession Number (if available).

The Regulatory Assessment Team will review the information you provide and will advise of a suitable existing ingredient to select, or they will establish the new ingredient in the database.  You will be advised, via the Support Ticket, when the ingredient is available.  Typically, establishing an ingredient in the system, with the require information provided, takes less than one (1) business day.

Speed and Performance:

My Products:

Improvements to the load time for the My Products table, located on the Home Page, have been made.

Registration Summary View:

When finalizing a registration and accepting the data, the WERCSmart User is shown a Summary View of the registration data being provided.  The load time for this view has been improved.

My Retail Partners:

Vendor or Supplier IDs - Walmart

Adding a new supplier ID will require selection from a drop-down option for the Brand or Company Name.  The default Company Name will be the one you’ve assigned to your WERCSmart account (My Account area).  If you have established Brand Name options in your account, you can also select from a specific Brand, to coincide with the Vendor/Supplier ID for this retailer.

Alerts and Message Center:

Managing Alerts and Messages

On the Home Page, when reviewing the Alerts area, users will now notice that the WERCSmart Registration ID will display in the Alert area.

The Alert area will also allow users to view the details of the issue on the registration, or resolve the issue, without requiring the user to go to the Message Center.

Once an item in the Alert area is being worked on, but is not yet submitted for assessment, the user will see an “in progress” indicator on the registration.

We have also fixed an issue some users were experience where registrations that were corrected or updated and resubmitted were not clearing out of the Alert or Message area.

Suspended v. Rejected Registrations

Suspended registrations are registrations that have been submitted in the past and are either being:

  • Updated by the user and resubmitted for revised assessment; or
    • Have been forwarded to a new retailer and are getting a revised/added assessment; or
      • Have had UPCs added to the registration for an existing retailer associated to the registration and have been submitted.

Suspended registrations can be updated and resubmitted for assessment but may not be eligible for deletion.  These registrations will be in the WERCSmart status on the My Products area of “Needs Attention”.

Suspended registrations will now have a View Document option available once the registration data is opened.

Using the View Document will open another window, which the WERCSmart User can than have available to ensure data registered is in agreement with the data provided in the document.

Rejected registrations are those that are being submitted for the first time.  They’re newly created registrations in WERCSmart undergoing their initial assessment.

The data will be returned to you, in either case, by the assessment team should questions arise regarding the information provided, or if it is evident there is conflicting information in the assessment.

Rejected registrations, once returned to the WERCSmart account, will be fully available for update, as if they’ve never been submitted.  Users should be able to either edit and resubmit data, or delete the registration data in its entirety.

UPC Errors Report

In the Report area (cloud icon) users can also obtain a report that will show what WERCSmart IDs, and UPCs, cannot finalize to a retailer, such as The Home Depot, due to an error with the UPC’s OMSID.  This will help users pinpoint the issue and promptly address it so the assessment can fully finalize to the retailer.

My Reports:

Duplicate UPCs

This Excel report will provide information on active UPCs that are duplicated within the WERCSmart Account.  Duplication of UPCs is not permitted within WERCSmart, although historically this was not the case.  The risk of having duplicate UPCs on registrations are (a) delays in transmitting Assessment data to the retailers and (b) the retailer receiving conflicting assessment information with regard to disposal, transport and storage of the product.

California Proposition 65 – Registrations Prior to August 30, 2018

A correction to the report output has been implemented.  The issue was the results for the report were not updating each time the report was generated by the WERCSmart user.  When an update had occurred to a registration it was not being reflected on the report.  This is now fixed.

Registration of Products:

Registration Product Names – Limited to 449 Characters

Product names for each registration are limited to 449 characters and spaces.

Registration Naming

Retailers require Product Names be specific enough for their employees to find the product in the database, if a UPC or label is not available for the product.  Because of this, Retailers have specified the names on WERCSmart registrations must closely match the product’s UPCs associated with the registration.

Therefore, you may see an increase in Rejections or Suspensions of registrations by the Assessment team for Registration Name issues.

Copying Registrations

A registration will be eligible to be copied from once the registration has been submitted.  Users will no longer be able to copy data from an unsubmitted registration.

Automated Recertification and Error Information

When a registration is in Auto-Recertification, there is an Error Report available throughout the registration.  This is in the lower left corner within the registration process.

When you select to view the Error Report on the registration, you will receive detailed information about the issue.

You can close the information view by clicking anywhere on the screen in the background or using the cancel option on the view.  Since this is available throughout the registration process, you can review this anytime.

As you address the issues on the error report, they will remove from the view and the view is updated.

Once all issues are addressed, you may accept the data entry and submit the registration for assessment.

Deleting Multiple Ingredients

We’ve added the ability to delete multiple, chosen ingredients from the table.

Users can select individual or multiple ingredients.

Users can “select all” or toggle this option to deselect all ingredients.

Once selections are made, a delete option displays, removing the selected ingredients from the table.

State Pesticide Data

The State Pesticide data collection table is now sortable by the WERCSmart User for each of the various columns.


Wire Transfer – Error Saving Cart

A fix has been implemented solving some customer issues with subscription enrollment.  Billing information had been provided, but the user was unable to select a final payment option and process the order, completing subscription enrollment.  This was due to an issue with the billing system format not being in full agreement with the WERCSmart system regarding country selections.

Shopping Cart

Using the shopping cart option from the Home Page didn’t always reveal the shopping cart and items waiting to be processed for the WERCSmart User.  This is now fixed.


Forwarding an Existing Registration

Users will have the same retailer views available that exist when setting up an initial registration, whether you choose the logos or Retail names list.


This retailer will now receive assessments on battery-containing product registrations.

Canadian Tire

On the UPC area, when this retailer is selected, the Item Number entry for the retailer will now be optional and is no longer required.


Data Acceptance

Performance improvements have been made.

Product Name Character Limits in WERCSmart – Be Aware

WERCSLink customers do not have a limitation for Product Names when working from within WERCSLink.  Therefore, be aware when importing or exporting between WERCSLink and WERCSmart systems, you may experience errors if your Product Name exceeds the character limit set forth within WERCSmart.

Thank you.

The WERCSmart Team of UL Product Supply Chain Intelligence