When entering ingredients in your registration, or in the My Ingredients area located within My Account, you'll notice a checkbox available for Public Disclosure.  

For each ingredient, you should indicate whether this ingredients is publicly known, or disclosed by you to the public.  Public disclosure relates to whether the ingredient is listed on your product's label or container, on the Safety Data Sheet, or listed on your product's website as an ingredient used in this product.  You can also indicate what the label name is for this ingredient.

Can't find the right label name?  Submit a ticket to our support team and they'll get this updated for you.

Once you have established a few registrations, you can also update the Public Disclosure settings on an ingredient, throughout all of your registered products.  This is known as the Bulk Public Disclosure update.

Here's a Video on how to use this bulk update feature:

Public Disclosure Bulk Update

An ingredient's Public Disclosure setting, in conjunction with a Retailer's Data Tier Consent, allows the product registration to comply with various Retailer requirements.