The WERCSmart registration must have an accurate identifier, which is the name you give the product registration.  The name needs to be specific enough for Retailer's employees to find the product in their systems if the UPC is not available.  Product Names on registrations in WERCSmart must closely resemble the product's UPC names on websites, and other searchable locations.  Product names must not be generic titles or simple model numbers of the product.  

Retailers that use WERCSmart Assessment information have determined that they (the Retailers) will not accept Assessment information into their systems that do not have proper Product Names. 

Minimizing a Suspension or Rejection of the Registration:

How can you minimize your registration being suspended or rejected for a Product Name?

  1. Use the same name you use when listing your product on your organization's website.
  2. The name may be similar to information you've provided within the Retailer's on-boarding system.

Resolving a Suspension or Rejection:

If you get a suspension or rejection of your registration due to a Product Name issue, you will need to log into WERCSmart.  You may use the Alert area on the Home Page to resolve the issue, or go to My Messages and resolve the issue from there.  Basically, you'll need to update the registration information, specifically the name on the registration, and accept the data and resubmit to have the Assessment process proceed.

Impact of a Suspension or Rejection:

Avoiding rejection or suspensions on your registrations is useful and assists you in meeting your Retailer's deadlines.  Each rejection or suspension adds to the Assessment processing time, as well as your data maintenance time, and could cause delays that could cost you a Purchase Order with a retailer.