Trying to think back to your science classes and remember what some of these terms used in WERCSmart actually mean?  Here's a refresher that may help.

Recommended Use:

This is the type of product you're Registering in WERCSmart.

Physical Property:

Solid, Liquid, Gas or Aerosol are the primary physical properties of any item.  Your product would be one of these properties.

Flash Point:

It's the temperature where an item would have vapor present at such a level it would ignite in air.  Poof!  Flash Point can be determined by various testing methods, such as open or closed cup.  Closed cup testing is preferred by the WERCSmart Assessment process as it is most accurate in determining a product's flash point.

Boiling Point:

When the temperature is such that the item begins to vaporize.

Specific Gravity:

  • For liquids or solids, this the density of the item as compared to something such as water.  Water's specific gravity is 1.  Your product could be less than, equal to, or greater than the standard of "1" for water.
  • For gases, this is the density as compared to air.

Water Solubility:

Does the item dissolve in water?  There are options within the Registration process to describe your product's water solubility.


Alkaline or Acid?  Where does your product's pH fall on the scale, with neutral being 7.


Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure.  This is a test you may have performed on your product to find out if, over a period of time, metals may seep into the soil.  This simulates your product being in a landfill and what it's impact may be to the soil, if metals are present.