WERCSmart has frequently used regulatory terms or phrases related to various regulations either in the United States or Canada.  

Regulatory Terms and Information:

Safety Data Sheet (SDS):  

This is a document that is specifically formatted and contains information about the product for Workplace Safety programs.  For more information on the format and requirements of these documents, you could review the Occupational Health & Safety website.

CAS Number:

A numeric code assigned to a specific chemical, organic chemical, or raw materials by the Chemical Abstract Service (CAS).  The numeric code uses a specific algorithm.  It is three (3) sets of numeric identifiers separated with hyphens.  The 2nd set of numbers is always 2 digits and the last set is always 1 digit.  

  • Water, for example, has a CAS Number of 7732-18-5.


Chemicals that vaporize at room temperature and may contribute to air pollution, are known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).


Toxic Substances Control Act, which is part of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  This Act ensures quality and integrity of chemicals used and requires testing data be submitted to the EPA for any new chemicals.  


Domestic Substances Control List, in Canada, is similar to TSCA.

Transportation-Related Terms:


U. S. Department of Transportation, who is the governmental authority in the United States with regard to transport systems, whether it be road, rail, air or water.


International Air Transport Association is a trade association made up of global airline representative organization.  IATA impacts air travel that is international in scope.  This association determines global standards for air safety and security.


International Maritime Goods is the international guideline for items transported by water.


Similar to the U.S. Department of Transport, TDG is the Canadian version that regulates items for domestic transport.