WERCSmart has frequently used terms or phrases throughout the registration process.  Here's some helpful information:


WERCSmart handles product registrations, which is the finished item sold via a Retailer to a Consumer.  A product may have multiple UPCs associated to it in the Registration, as the product may be sold in varying sizes or weights, but the overall composition, or make-up, of the product is consistent.

Any variations to the product, such as varying scents, colors, or transportation, would be a different Product Registration in the WERCSmart system.

Registration or Product Registration:

A customer of WERCSmart who is providing a product to a retailer, would complete the WERCSmart process and provide data about the product.  This process is known as the Registration.

New Registrations:

These are registrations that you're creating and have not yet submitted for Assessment.  There are various actions you can take on new registrations:

  • Edit
  • Delete

Submitted Registrations:

These are registrations you've created, accepted the data as being accurate, and have put through the Assessment process.  As an outcome of the Assessment being performed on the data, your Retailers have received their compliance information related to the Registration.

Here are a few of the actions you may take on a Submitted Registration:

  • View
    • A new browser tab will open and you will see the complete data entry.
  • Documents
    • You will be able to see what documents you provided during the registration and be able to view the PDF of the document using a link available; or
    • You will be able to review and finalize authored SDS documents; or
    • You can see other documents related to the registration you may have ordered, such as an SDS in another format for another region, or in another language.
  • Request Additional Documents
    • You may request or purchase additional documents related to the Registration for your own use.  At the end of each Registration there are optional documents you may obtain for your Registration.  If you don't want to request these at the time of Registration, this is how you request these items at a later time, when it is more convenient for you.
  • View UPCs
    • A read-only version of the UPCs associated to the registration.  You cannot make updates to the UPCs in any manner from this option.
  • Archive Retailers
    • Want to remove a retailer from a registration you've submitted?  Here's where you do this.
  • Edit UPCs
    • Need to add or remove UPCs?  You've found the place!
  • Publish UPCs
    • You've edited the UPCs and were interrupted, or wanted to work on other things and you didn't submit the UPC updates.  This option will display on the registration showing you have UPCs that have not been submitted for the Retailer(s).

WPS ID or Product ID:

When you begin a Product Registration in WERCSmart, your Registration will be assigned a numeric WPS ID or Product ID.  This is a reference number that is important within the WERCSmart process and is used whenever you contact the Support team, and some Retailers may also reference this identifier when communicating with you.  The WPS or Product ID is typically displayed at the top of the registration as you progress through the process, and it is accompanied by the Product Name you've given the registration.

Product Name:

The first step of a new registration collects the name of the Product.  This name is important and should be accurate.  Many times, a retailer will search for the Assessment information on your product by the Product's name if there is no UPC available.  Some guidelines to consider when naming your product:

  • Do not simply use Model Numbers; and
  • The product name should be representative of the product


Once the Registration is accepted by the WERCSmart user, and the subscription is active, the Registration data will transfer to the WERCSmart personnel to review the documents provided, or author a Safety Data Sheet, and the data provided will be reviewed by the Assessment Team.  From the registration data, automation, and the personal review by an Assessment Professional, data is then put into a report for the indicated Retailers, based on each Retailer's requirements for compliance.  This is the Assessment.


The Registration has been made for a Retailer.  Now, you're selling the same product to a new retailer (exciting news!).  You'll want to Forward the existing registration data back to the Assessment Professionals so they can update your Registration's Assessment based on the new Retailer requirements.  This is Forwarding the Registration.  Or, you're adding a retailer to the registration.

Obsolete a Registration:

  • Once a registration has been in WERCSmart for 1 year; and
  • Has not been forwarded to any new retailers during this time; and
  • Has not had any data or UPC updates performed; and
  • The Retailer no longer has inventory of the product; then
  • You can remove it from WERCSmart by making it obsolete.  

The data is gone and cannot be retrieved.  The retailer will still maintain the last Assessment done on the registration, as it is an OSHA requirement in the U.S. to keep SDSs on file for 30 years.

Archive UPC:

This is where you remove a UPC from a Registration.  It cannot be restored, but you can add it back on if it was a mistake, or maybe you need to use the UPC on a different Registration.

Archive Retailer:

If the Retailer is no longer selling the product, you can remove the Retailer from the registration.


When multiple registrations in WERCSmart share a UPC, this is a Kit Registration.  Kit registrations do not require a document upload, as the document is already provided for each of the individual registrations.  The Kit's UPC details are for the overall registration (combined ounces of each of the underlying individual product registrations).

The Product Type for these registrations, use the search word "Kit" and you'll be provided proper options for selection.


Uniform Product Code, which is the barcode symbol and number combinations, on a product typically sold through Retailers.  It allows for tracking of the item.  A product registration in WERCSmart may have multiple UPCs, but keep in mind that the UPCs you associate should be for the actual product.  You must not put unrelated UPCs on a product registration, as the compliance information in the Assessment is of vital importance to your Retailer and the Retailer may obtain Assessment information based on a UPC search in their systems!

Private Label:

Private Label products are also known as store-brand products.  When a retailer purchases the product from you and the labeling is a brand carried specifically by the retailer.

Direct Ship Vendor:

When you ship the product directly to the consumer, bypassing the retailer, yet your product is available in the retailer's online site.  The retailer may require registration of your product as the retailer may accept returns at their brick-and-mortar store locations.