You go through the registration process and you submit the registration without a problem.  You even have an order that you've confirmed in your My Account area.  A while later, you log into WERCSmart to see if your registration is progressing through the steps, so you can let your Buyer know the product registration's assessment is received by the Retailer.

The registration is showing in your My Products view as Not Yet Submitted.  How can that be?  What happened?

For first-time registration, there are times when the Regulatory Assessment team will begin to review the data you provided about your product and they found an issue with either the data, or the document.  The Regulatory Assessment team will then reject the registration, which resets your registration back to the beginning.  You will get an Alert in WERCSmart of this action, and it will show as a Rejection within My Messages.

Once you edit the data (Actions), fix the issue, you can then resubmit once more and the Assessment process will begin again.