WERCSmart provides retailer with regulatory compliance information about your product.  It translates the data you provide us about the product, into usable information for the retailer.  The retailer will know the proper handling, storage, disposal and transport methods, to allow the retailer to comply with regional, State and Federal regulations.  Retailers establish what type of products they want to receive compliance information on.  Here are the types of registrations that utilize WERCSmart.  Your retailer requirements may vary so you should check with your Buyer if you have questions regarding whether your product is required to be registered in WERCSmart.


  • No battery is included.  Electronics typically need to be registered in WERCSmart due to an E-Waste regulation.

Battery-Containing Products:

  • The battery is included with the actual product when sold to the consumer.  Battery information is collected, first, as a registration from the battery manufacturer.  The final product registration then associates the battery to the retailer/UPC as a Battery-Containing product registration.  These typically need to be registered due to transportation, disposal and storage regulations.

Chemical-Containing (Formulated) Products:

  • Typically these are items that are health & beauty, cleaning, paints, aerosols, pesticides, etc.  Due to the variety of ingredients that make the product, there are concerns with storage, disposal and transport and regulatory compliance is needed on many levels.

In our Video section are a few examples of how to register these types of products.  A related article has a listing of the various product types and what information is necessary for a successful WERCSmart registration.