If you have a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for your product, and the SDS is generic, meaning it covers a product that possibly has some variations in color or some other characteristic, it is possible this could be a single registration in WERCSmart.  This would not apply in all cases.  OSHA's standards, in the United States, for Generic SDS documents, is available on their website.

An example of a registrations that covers multiple color options would be:

  • Wristwatch.
    • The battery in the watch is the same.
    • The watch only varies with regard to the wristband color.

For a chemical registration, as indicated earlier, it is all dependent on the Safety Data Sheet.  If you use the exact same Safety Data Sheet for the product, but there is slight variations, it is probable that this could be one registration.  When creating the registration in WERCSmart, for the Ingredients, you would enter all ingredients for the products covered by the Safety Data Sheet, at their overall maximum percentage (not the sum of the percentages among the variations).  Yes, the Ingredient area in WERCSmart may be in excess of 100%, especially in these instances.

If you need further clarification, specific to your circumstance, please consult one of our Support Specialists.