The Updates are In!  September 11, 2018

We have a lot going on this month with the updates and fixes that have gone into WERCSmart.  The updates will be put into the WERCSmart system around early to mid-September.  Please be sure to log into the WERCSmart system and check the Announcements area for specific information on when these items will be available.

Auto-Recertification or Auto-Update Alert!

Kits that Contain Registrations with Expired Pesticide Information

Kit registrations (shared UPC of 2+ WERCSmart registrations), when containing a registration that is a registered pesticide, will encounter auto-recertification of the Kit when forwarding or adding a UPC.

The information provided to the user will include information on what product(s) in the kit have expired pesticide information.

When an individual registration has an expired pesticide registration, the registration will need to be updated, or the registration can be removed from the kit and replaced with the appropriate registration information.

My Products:

Kit Registrations

As a reminder, for Kit registrations (shared UPC of 2+ WERCSmart registrations), you have visibility of the registrations included in the kit as an Action item on the registration from the My Products view.  Additionally, the Kit's Summary view will also include information on what registrations make the Kit registration.

My Account:

Pesticide Registration is Expiring!  Email Alerts Enabled

The main Administrator of the WERCSmart account, whose name is listed in the My Account area as the primary administrator, will receive email notifications from the WERCSmart system (, when a pesticide registration requires revision. 

The email notification will be provided to the Administrator 90 days in advance of a registration's specific State registration expiring. 

To receive this alert, the item must be enabled in the WERCSmart My Account area.

Revision September 10, 2018:  Unfortunately this specific item will not be included in the September updates, but will be integrated into the system at a later date.  Our apologies.

My Ingredients and Revising All Registrations for Public Disclosure

If you need to update the Public Disclosure setting, or Public Name, associated to a specific ingredient, and need to ensure it is updated within all registrations the ingredient appears, you’re now able to do this using the Bulk Update feature that is located in the My Ingredients area.

My Ingredients is within the Libraries from the My Account main page.

You will need to resubmit any registrations that have had the public disclosure updated, but no assessment is performed if no other details have changed.  The re-submission will allow for revision of the Sustainability Scoring process.

Message Center:

Managing Alerts and Messages

On the Home Page, when reviewing the Alerts area, customers have indicated that the "How to Fix" rarely works, and there isn't enough information available.  We’ve improved this on the Home Page by giving you more information at-a-glance.

When going to the Message Center to finalize alerts, there have been issues with resolving the alert, as well as how to obtain information about the alert and overall general management of the Alert items has been frustrating. 

From the Actions area within Message Center, we remove the “How to Fix” option, as it was not used and offered the user little, if no, information that was helpful.

From the product’s action option in Message Center, selecting the Detail information on an alert you’re now also able to Resolve the issue from the Detail pop-up.  This reduces the need to close out the details option, go back to the product actions, select Resolve and keep moving.  Much more efficient.

More Filters are available in the Message Center as well, including Brand Name filters and Alert Types

My Reports:

Registrations Eligible for Deletion

As always, eligible registrations may be removed from the WERCSmart Account via the Bulk Actions option on the Home Page. We've added a report feature, in My Reports, which will provide an Excel output file showing the registrations which are eligible for deletion. It is recommended to review this report periodically, especially when your subscription renewal is coming, so you can prepare for the renewal in advance. Registrations are eligible for deletion from the WERCSmart account when there has been no activity for 1-year (submitted via an order in WERCSmart).

Registration of Products:

Public Disclosed Ingredients – Third Party Formula and Impact on Ratio

The ratio calculation will be revised to accommodate the greater need for more ingredient details, as Retailers and Suppliers respond to consumer demand for more public disclosure of information about ingredients used in products.

The ratio of Publicly Disclosed ingredients is revised to account for the presence of generic (no recognized Chemical Abstract Service identifier) and Third (3rd) Party formulas used in a registration that have not included Publicly Disclosed ingredients. 

Each third-party ingredient if not publicly disclosed or not participating in Tier 2 consent on the formula, contributes a value of 0 to the product registration. 

When a Formulator consents to Tier 2 in the formula registration, and has indicated public disclosure, the results will contribute to the final product’s disclosure ratio. 

This has been revised in preparation for pending State regulations regarding Right to Know (California Cleaning Products Right to Know Act of 2017 - in force January 1, 2010) and Disclosure Programs (New York Department of Environmental Conservation's pending Household Chemical Disclosure Program).

Public Disclosed Ingredients – Use of Generic Ingredients

The public disclosure notation on an ingredient, impacts the overall product's ratio of disclosed ingredients. 

When using generic ingredients in a registration, such as a simple flavor or fragrance that has no actual Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) identifier, this will impact your PurView rating for sustainability at some point in the future. 

When a WERCSmart user adds a generic ingredient to a registration, the user will note an indicator present on the ingredient.  By hovering over this indicator, you will receive a message about the impact of using a generic ingredient regarding sustainability scoring through PurView. 

To minimize these alerts, it is best to utilize a Third Party Formula whenever possible as this provides more detail to the WERCSmart and PurView systems and complies with various Retail Sustainability programs.

Selecting Options in the Registration Process

Throughout the WERCSmart registration process, there are selections where you are required to indicate the best, most appropriate, response.  There are occasions when the options provided will yield one (1) result.  In these cases, the option will be pre-populated with the necessary information, minimize the effort of the WERCSmart user.

Ingredients – Public Names and Indicators

Some WERCSmart users were experiencing situations where, upon Update of a registration, the public disclosure settings weren't populated properly, or the Public Name alternative was missing.  This issues has been fixed.

Propellants, Ingredient Warnings and Third-Party Formulas

When using a Third (3rd) Party formula within a registration, the WERCSmart system will ensure a propellant is included in either the primary registration, or in the inserted formula, before prompting a warning to the user if no propellant is present in the Aerosol registration.

Canada-Safety Data Sheet (WHMIS) and Date Verification

When creating a registration that will be sold via a Canadian-based retailer, the registration may require a Safety Data Sheet that complies with Provincial regulations with regard to document expiration dates.  Improved validation of the date entry has been implemented.  Documents have a three (3) year expiration period.

Uniform Product Code (UPC)

Select All or Deselect All Retailers, Per UPC entry

On the UPC area of the registration, when multiple retailers have been selected for the registration, for each UPC the user can now select all retailers, or deselect all retailers, to allow for more efficient management of the retailer options on specific UPC entries.

It’s in Ounces!

On the UPC view of a registration, the size indicator wasn't clear how the size was measured.  We've now added information that the size is to be in ounces.


Data Migration and Resolving Alerts within WERCSLink

Customers who use WERCSLink to integrate data from WERCS Studio into WERCSmart were experiencing issues with the Resolve option on the alerts and the system bringing the user into earlier versions of WERCSmart.  This is now fixed and the WERCSLink message center allows for resolution of a registration's issue and will properly bring the user into WERCSmart 2.0.

Automated Syncing

ULSC Data Subformat, which provides the WERCSLink user the classification data results of the assessment process, will now automatically synchronize for the WERCSLink user.  Until now, the user had to manually synchronize the information.  If the manual update didn't occur, the user could be reviewing prior assessment classifications, especially if a registration update and submission had occurred.

ULSC Reports available via WERCSmart

WERCSLink users will have an additional option within WERCSmart, allowing access to the WERCSLink reports.  This is located in the menu options on the left-side of the Home Page, and this new option is located under the ULSC-Data Management option.

Revision September 10, 2018:  Unfortunately this specific item will not be included in the September updates, but will be integrated into the system at a later date.  Our apologies.

Want to watch a video overview of the updates coming in September? Simply click on the link below and go to our Customer Service Support area.

WERCSmart September 2018 Updates