Here are some functionality updates, fixes and new features being introduced in WERCSmart with the update being scheduled in the near future.  Please watch for your WERCSmart Notifications for specific release date information.

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Waste Classification Summary 

Report will show the waste classification for each of the 50 states and other areas within the United States, as well as the Federal waste classification for all submitted registrations in your account.   

For specific information about a registration's waste classification, and how the waste classification was derived, you may request an Additional Document from the My Products area for the specific registration you're interested in receiving details about.  This detailed report is no charge and will also include Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and Transportation information for the registration. 

California Proposition 65 – Registrations Prior to August 30, 2018 

The report output will illustrate the WERCSmart registrations active, not deleted, that exist in your WERCSmart account.   The output will provide information related to Active Registrations and their responses to Proposition 65 questions presented in WERCSmart before the transition to the revised questions occurring with this Release. 

Registration of Products: 

California Proposition 65 (Prop 65) - Regulatory Update 

Please review the WERCSmart Support Articles for detailed information about the Prop 65 updates and impact to your existing registrations. 

There is a report that will be available in the My Report area, which will provide you information on how you responded to Prop 65 information, to manage your updates.  See My Reports information above. 

Retailer Selection (Enhancement): 

The retailer logos will display for selection during a registration, or when sending an existing registration for assessment to a new retailer.  The logo is enhanced by having the Retailer name printed as well. 

Lithium-Ion Battery Registrations – Removed Specific Lithium Chemistry Questions (Enhancement): 

When registering the product type of Lithium Ion batteries, the WERCSmart user would be asked to select the specific lithium ion chemistry of the battery.  The registration process would require selecting one of the options from a list that included Lithium Cobalt Oxide, Lithium Manganese Oxide, and a few other options. 

The WERCSmart Regulatory Assessment team has determined the responses to this question in the registration process had no impact on the assessment, so it has been determined this data will no longer be collected. 

For registrations that have responded to this question in the past, the removal of this question will have no impact on existing registrations. 

Direct-Ship Vendors: 

If you're a supplier of products for online purchase only by a consumer, and the product is not sold via a retailer within their brick-and-mortar locations, you may be required to register your product's information in WERCSmart. 

The indicator in WERCSmart is: 



Kit registrations will now be able to indicate they are registered as a Direct-Ship Vendor registration.  The Retailer associated is able to take returns of the registered product at their brick-and-mortar locations but does not sell the Kit within their physical store locations.   

Direct-Ship selection is for any WERCSmart Retailer 

Up to now, responding with "yes" to the Direct-Ship question in a registration only allowed you to select, or one of its affiliated e-commerce locations, as the Retailer for your registration.   

Other retailers may be requiring registration of Direct-Ship Vendor items within their systems.  WERCSmart will now enable additional retailer selections, if the Direct-Ship option in the registration is set to be "Yes". 

Uniform Product Code (UPC) 

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PayPal Returns! 

PayPal is now a payment option, available for selection as your default payment method for your WERCSmart subscription.  PayPal had a brief absence from within WERCSmart's options allowing our team to ensure proper functionality.  If you already have PayPal as your default payment method, there is no impact to you.   

Payment methods are managed within the My Account area, within your Subscription information.   


No Enhancements or Fixes 

Thank you. 

The WERCSmart Team of UL Product Supply Chain Intelligence